Unroot Superoneclick for new update 4.1.57 with aroot?

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  1. rageagainstjg

    rageagainstjg Member

    Hey guys,
    Basically I rooted my phone a month ago using the superoneclick method. Now I wish to unroot my phone before I install the 4.1.57 update. I have been reading about the program aroot. I have heard that the superoneclick method of rooting my phone that I currently have installed does not allow for a good unroot. So please tell me if this is possible and will make my phone unrooted before that I choose to install the 4.1.57 update. Can I use aroot to root my phone basically again and then use aroot to unroot my phone before I install the update? Will this work?

  2. islasian

    islasian Active Member

    DO NOT UNROOT BEFORE you do the update, or you will have to flash back to the retail SBF and reroot to get your root back... but yes, I would just run aRoot over the superonclick, so it can clean it up some before you do the update..

    Go to my last post on this thread and follow the last link on how to retain your root with the 1.5.7 update... or start with the second link about aRoot... as long as all you did was root your phone and no other mods, the update will install fine.. it should, it didn't give me any troubles..

  3. rageagainstjg

    rageagainstjg Member

    thanks so much, I am so glad you responded to me. I did the aroot over top of my superoneclick root and it seems great. I liked the fact during running aroot that it said "cleaning up superoneclick".
    I am now letting it update to the new software version 4.1.57 and everything seems good. I believe I will hold off on rooting the phone again until that the update comes in april I believe, something about hsupa. i know your probably busy but are you able to explain for me the deal about the update that is proposed in april, basically will it enable faster download/upload speeds over at&t network?
  4. islasian

    islasian Active Member

    lets hope that it will be as easy to root the update coming in April... and yeah, from what I've been hearing, AT&T is suppose to be enabling the HSUPA to remove the 300kps cap on our current upload speeds...

    Well, you should of at least did the first part of the retaining root method of renaming the 'su' to something else and moving it to /osh/sbin/, so that way, if you wanted to enable root again for some reason before the next update, you wouldn't have to SBF back to retail and start from scratch... either way, good luck!
  5. Barker-78

    Barker-78 Member

    Leave SuperOneClick as is...You can run aRoot over the top of SuperOneClick. The best part of aRoot is that it cleans up the install of SOC.

    I did my initial root with SOC and just did the aRoot method this morning right before I did the (4.1.57) update. Not a single issue. the whole aRoot process actually took 2min (for real).

    Reading material...
    XDA Link:[SCRIPT] aRoot for Atrix 4G [ root - init.d - sideloading - tethering ]

  6. QBall88

    QBall88 New Member

    I am very new to this so please bear with me. First, where can you get the "aRoot" program and is this by any chance the same as "AndRoot"?
  7. islasian

    islasian Active Member

    Click on the link posted by Barker-78, post above yours.

    They are the same in a sense, that it will give you root.. but aRoot was written or script for Atrix, but it 'might' work on other phones.. just like how SuperOneclick works on alot of different phones..

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