Unrooting the Galaxy i-717 Note

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  1. SixxxStryng

    SixxxStryng New Member

    Hi guys,

    I'm new here and I SCREWED up my phone. I installed a "Pre-Loaded Kernel" root on my phone and I know it was working... But the phone has battery issues and I need to RMA it but I need help! When I put the device in download mode I noticed it says "Custom Binary download, Yes (1). Current Binary: Custom" in the upper left part of the screen. Also, the devices original At&t rethink possible screen is now a flashing logo of the word Android.

    Any ideas? I need to get this back but I can't obviously return it in the condition that it's in. Any help would be awesome thank you!


  2. ryandelman

    ryandelman Well-Known Member

    This should do the trick:

    [STOCK ODIN] [AT&T, TELUS, Bell, Rogers] In case of brick... - xda-developers

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  3. BlackZenith

    BlackZenith Well-Known Member

  4. LittleRedDot

    LittleRedDot Well-Known Member

    I got the file loaded into Odin, but per the instructions the phone must be in download mode, but everytime I try to put the phone in download mode it goes into recovery? Can I flash through Odin while in recovery?
  5. LittleRedDot

    LittleRedDot Well-Known Member

    Ok I was able to get into download and flash the stock file from odin, but the instructions also say that it may be necessary to do a factory reset too. What will I loose if I do a factory reset? All I really care about is my contacts... Will I loose those?
  6. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    not if they are backed up to your google account.
  7. Kyrotech

    Kyrotech Well-Known Member

    I am currently rooted and would like to unroot my phone.
    I have my original ROM backed up, and this is what I am currently using

    My question is, my phone currently says CSC:LA2(ATT)
    If I use SuperSU to completely unroot my phone, will this affect anything the fact that it is on the (ATT) firmware?
    Do I need to flash my firmware back to Bell before doing anything?
  8. LittleRedDot

    LittleRedDot Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't turn in a bell note loaded with att firmware.....

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