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  1. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Well-Known Member Contributor

    First I would like to say hello to all the members here and that I'm coming over from the Prevail section. I've met some great people over there and I'm sure I'll do the same here.:)

    Well, I finally got my Marquee this morning (thx septembersrain). I did the updated ZVC rooted image, CTMod 3.6.5, the Hyper Kernel 1.5 and the Honeycomb v2 theme. I must say that this phone is a huge improvement over my Prevail. I'm running the cpu at 1.3GHz right now and it didn't even flinch at that setting. I've got the OCed kernel set at vr and Activex right now. Seems to be working fine. :thumbup:

    Thanks go out to all the people that have made so much progress on this phone. You know who you are.

    I remember looking through here when you guys were still trying to get root. WOW! You guys have came a long way.

    Well, that being said....... it's time to hit the books. Finals are Monday. Have a great weekend everyone!!:D

  2. jmedno5891

    jmedno5891 Well-Known Member

    Grats and have fun with the new phone :D
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  3. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Thanks. Can't spend 2 much time on it this weekend though.
  4. sik00

    sik00 Well-Known Member

    You remember that huh? lol..I had no problems rooting when I bought the phone back in October when it was still ZV9/ZV3, then that terrible ZVC/ZV4 update hit..(well not too terrible, it did remove CIQ after all)..lucky for me that the KDZ method works on my phone flawlessly, so I simply flashed back. We have been through alot...from people trying to use Optimus Black recoveries and files, to a working CWM specifically for the phone, ROMs to choose from, kernels, etc. My hat is tipped to alot of devs right now.

    Glad to hear everything's running great man. Have a good weekend and good luck on the finals.
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  5. Slayer72

    Slayer72 Well-Known Member Developer

    Glad to hear you like your new phone Biker, you made an excellent choice, as for me I just got another Marquee myself and for the life of me can't get the kdz downgrader to work on it, I have the LG Mobile drivers installed, windows enabler enabled, unknown sources checked, usb debugging checked, and when I try downgrading to ZV9 it keeps coming up with an error, very strange... I'm at a loss for words right now, if anyone can help me with this please send me a PM... :banghead:
  6. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Fortunately for me Septembersrain had already rooted this phone before she sent it to me so having not gone through the process of rooting, I can't be of much help to you. Sorry bro.

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