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Update to 2.2General

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  1. HiloDB1

    HiloDB1 Member

    This morning I got a notice that an update to 2.2 was available. I am currently in the process of installing the update and will let you know how it goes.

    I dont know if Ill still be able to root my phone after the update or what as Im not that tech savvy. Anyone have any ideas on this?

  2. HiloDB1

    HiloDB1 Member

    Ok update works and was able to root it again using SuperOneClickv2.1.1 removed some of the bloatware from ATT with TitaniumBackup and moved all my apps to my SD card with Link2SD.
  3. snarticus

    snarticus New Member

    I tried doing the update but in the middle of it I got the screen with the triangle and exclamation point. I've tried rebooting, wiping it clean, and re-installing the update but it never gets past the initial screen. Any idea how I can fix this. I really can't be without a phone right now.
  4. HiloDB1

    HiloDB1 Member

    Hmm Im not sure what happened with your phone sorry :(.

    My update is working fine. Battery life is soo much better then with Eclair. It does at time seem to get hung up but overall seems to run smoother and faster.
  5. KeyboardAddict

    KeyboardAddict New Member

    Same thing happen to me... I got it working after some tinkering, so I think this might work:

    1.Took out microSD card
    2. Using the microSD adapter, renamed the update zip file as follows update.zip
    3.Inserted it back into my cellphone
    4. Turned it on while pressing the x key. Arrived at that pesky exclamation triangle screen.
    5. Pressed Fn + T, using arrow keys chose sdcard update.zip option. Afterwards, u should already see some activity... at the end choose the reboot option and be rewarded with a red and black motorola symbol!

    Remarks: I tried a lot of stuff before coming up with this. So in addition, I also on the recovery screen, chose the wipe clean :'( and wipe cache partition option. Furthermore, I also copied again the update file... so I had two files... one with the original name, and the other with the update.zip name.

    Hope it works!
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  6. Lazarus32

    Lazarus32 New Member

    Having the same problem and I tried to rename the files and picking all the options but none seem to work. I keep getting this screen when I try to apply the update.


    edit: I figured out my problem I was renaming the zip file to "update.zip" when I should have left off the .zip part. Thanks for the help though!
  7. ddcjohnson

    ddcjohnson New Member

    I just bought this phone and have read tons of horrible reviews about the current software, does the update fix all the problems I keep reading about?
  8. cwatkinsnash

    cwatkinsnash New Member

    In my opinion, the phone's biggest issues are the small internal memory and the bloat that AT&T preinstalls. It won't fix those. However, it does open up the option to allow non-market apps without rooting. 2.2 also adds the ability to move certain apps to the SD card, but not all apps are movable and none of the preinstalled & system apps are movable. A few can be tricked by sneaking in a default location change via the bridge but you're looking at maybe a 10mb difference over stock, if that, so you're only making up what you lost in the update, which adds 10mb of data to the internal memory.

    Factor that into your decision if you're already low on memory due to preinstalled or system apps and don't want to root. 2.2 also seems to work faster, but I only had the phone for a day before the update became available, so I don't know how accurate my perceptions are on that. It is a boon to be able to move many of the user apps, especially since not that long ago it didn't look like 2.2 was going to be available on this phone.
  9. willk729

    willk729 New Member

    i need help! me and my mother have the flipside and i pudated mine with no problems what so ever. i am now tryin to update hers and i put the update on and got it all the way to were the phone should kick back on but the phone will not come on it just keeps going to the red M with pulsing around it then the re think possible att&t screen and back and forth and forth. what is going on??!
  10. HiloDB1

    HiloDB1 Member

    Try hard resetting the phone or you can reflash the SBF file

    Home - Motorola Flipside Hacks
  11. BlownGP

    BlownGP Active Member

    damn, were was this months ago..lol

    I just rooted my wifes flipside with 2.1 and I still cant move the apps to the SD card and the memory keeps saying full..

    Guess it will be a little harder to update now?
  12. SDM1977

    SDM1977 Member

    Where do you get the updte?
  13. macgiobuin

    macgiobuin Well-Known Member

    I finally gave up trying to stay ahead of the memory drain. LOVED the Flipside, but the software update killed the internal memory and my apps wouldn't run properly. I bought the new Atrix 2 and am more than pleased. With 8 gigabytes of internal memory, I no longer have to kill apps to get other apps to work. Expandable to 40 gigs (with a 32 gig card) makes it virtually impossible to fill up Atrix 2's memory with normal phone usage.
  14. systat

    systat New Member

    I have read things that said superoneclick wont work to re root the phone after updating to the froyo update? Has anyone tried this and been successful?

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