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  1. bfksc

    bfksc Well-Known Member

    Just found out that an update has been pushed to my phone to update my Nexus S I9020A to v4.0.4 which is the same version number but different build IMM76M instead of 76D. Kernel is the same, and the baseband is the same too.

    Can't find anything on the net about it though so don't know if I'm the first to see it or what? It may be a minor fix for the silent ringer when using bluetooth?

    Anyone else get the update on their I9020A GSM model?

  2. quantumrand

    quantumrand Well-Known Member

    Interesting. I definitely can't find anything on an IMM76M build. I'll certainly keep an eye out though, and add it to the sticky if an official download link emerges.
  3. AmazonAnnie

    AmazonAnnie Well-Known Member

    I just received it as well. I was waiting for Jelly Bean but it seems it's been delayed for the I9020A version. I'm hoping this update to the build is to enable an update to JB later.

    I've read complaints about the wifi being worse with Jelly Bean ... I hope not, it's bad enough now.
  4. candroid11

    candroid11 Well-Known Member

    I got this last night too. I have been looking for the jelly been update every few hours and then this randomly showed up.
  5. AmazonAnnie

    AmazonAnnie Well-Known Member

    - Turn off phone and remove SIM card
    - Turn it on and go to Settings/Apps/All/Google Framework Services
    - Force Stop/Clear Data
    - Settings / About Phone / System Updates / Check for Updates.

    I had to do this 7 or 8 times but it worked. I am downloading Jelly Bean now!

    ~Annie :D
  6. bfksc

    bfksc Well-Known Member

    Just a note...no need to power off and remove the SIM card. Just remove the framework data and then check for an update. For me I didn't need to check at all, JB v4.1.1 was waiting for me Saturday when I woke up. Nice improvement on speed and "buttery" response.

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