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Should I update to Android 4.0?

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  1. Milenka

    Milenka New Member


    I have a question about the update to android 4.0.
    I was wondering if I should update, are there any pro's and contra's, is the phone slower, ...
    I know my phone should be able to handle 4.0 because if it wouldn't they wouldn't give us the update, but is it really better or is it just the same or even worse? Does it look better? Those are some of the questions I have...

    Maybe some of you have 4.0 so could you please help me?
    Thank you ;)

  2. markdguarin

    markdguarin New Member

    i too is thinking multiple time if i upgrade my ray, for what i heard the upgrade now is more stable ICS 4.0.4, it also fixes heating problems, my biggest concern is they say it eats so much RAM so games in HD maybe impossible, hopefully someone shed if this upgrade changes are true. w8 for the reply as well tnx
  3. Milenka

    Milenka New Member

    I decided to do this update because it's more stable.
    I have felt that the phone became hot sometimes while using it with the old version, but so far (around 2 weeks now), so good, haven't felt it heating.
    I have no problem playing HD games, I played Asphalt HD and it didn't lag or anything.
    It's a lot easier and better; :)
    Also I tried updating with PC Companion but that didn't work so I used Service Updater and that worked just fine. :)

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