US Cellular 2.2 update, now a question

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  1. so2315

    so2315 New Member

    I just installed the update and have found it to be faster and more stable. I also found out the pinch to zoom like the Ipods now work on the Acclaim!
    Anyway's, } have a question regarding the clock. I hate the default clock that came with this phone. I downloaded the digital clock widget and used this before the froyo update. After the update, I looked at the default clock widget in the main menu. It now opens up a really nice digital clock, that also displays the temperature. The alarm buttons are on the bottom and there is a dim button up top. I would like to have this displayed on my home screen, but the only option is to have the default ugly clock dial. Is there anything I can do to use this coool new clock?

  2. krusej23

    krusej23 Member

    I would suggest buying beautiful widgets app. It is great.
  3. Richzilla

    Richzilla New Member

    I second that. It's inexpensive and you have a choice of a ton of different skins
  4. joshica

    joshica Well-Known Member

    The app that you are talking about is called "Better Alarm" clock. Yes, that is a nice clock and I was like you and wanted it for my homescreen. I have used an app called "Weather & Toggle" It has many different clock layouts but the one that you want is the Flip Clock style. You set it up using a widget called "Weather & Flip Clock" You can download a skin and the one that I've found that is closest to what the Better Clock is, is called "h7c-clock" or "Cypha Flip Clock". I think you can search for it in the market or in the settings of the Weather & Toggle app. Good luck.....PS- The app costs a little I think but it was well worth it.

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