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  1. rickyrayjay

    rickyrayjay New Member

    sorry, im new to the forum, so i apologize if this is in the wrong area and would appreciate if someone can move/forward it to the right place.

    im a us cellular customer with the Galaxy S4, model SCH-R970.

    i found a root method by googling that worked well and have flashed CM10.2 successfully. but there is not yet any camera support. still waiting...

    i have tried pacman rom and it gets stuck in a boot loop at the pacman splash screen, so i went back to stock with my backup.

    just wondering if anyone can direct me to a forum/support page where i can ask questions and search info on my specific model and carrier for the best roms and such.

    everywhere i look seems to not include US Cellular variants.

    **also, is there any sort of a live chat support/community live chat (similar to IRC on linux possibly?) available for androidforums or xda?

    Please help. :D
    Much appreciated.

  2. scott_

    scott_ Well-Known Member

  3. rickyrayjay

    rickyrayjay New Member

    thanks. giving that a go...

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