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  1. varoescal

    varoescal New Member

    I having the USB Connected Message flashing on my notification bar only when the SD Card is inserted. I have tried removing the battery, master reset, SD card format... but message continue to pop up and I cannot connect my phone to the PC. My phone is a Samsung I5800.

    Does anyone experience the same issue? Is there a known fix?


  2. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    Are you saying that you get the notification with the SD card inserted but the phone is NOT plugged into USB?
  3. varoescal

    varoescal New Member

    that's correct. The phone is not plugged but displays USB Connected only when the SD card is inserted in the slot. If I unmount the SD card, the message keep flashing, but if I remove the SD card and restart the phone. The message disappear. :confused:
  4. akashborkar

    akashborkar New Member

    Hi varoescal, I am facing same problem in my Samsung EPIC, Android GingerBoard. Did you find solution for this problem? If yes, Can you please share in this thread?

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