using keis 2, need to reflash, but how?Support

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  1. puccaso

    puccaso New Member

    on the carphonewarehouse tablet,
    i upgraded to the new firmwire when i first got it,
    but now i removed some stuff from the /system and doing a hard-reset doesnt fix it it


    i need to reflash - but how:? how do i reflash the device - USING KEIS...

  2. Komodo Rogue

    Komodo Rogue Well-Known Member

    Wait, the streak 7 or the 5 inch streak? I didn't think the 7 incher was already out but maybe it is in the UK?

    If it's the five inch streak, go to XDA developers (just type that into google), and go to the streak forum. They will probably have some info sticked, but if not do a search, or post something in the Q and A - they'll help you out :)

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