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  1. rsisley

    rsisley Well-Known Member

    I just got a Motorola RAZR M and installed Viber on it. A friend in Ireland, who also has Viber, received a notification that I had installed Viber and tried to call me. My phone rang and I could see that it was them calling, but I was unable to answer the call. I was able to call them back and the quality was great. The inability to answer also came up again with another friend. Again I had to call them back.

    I also have an issue with friends, who I know have Viber installed, not showing up on my Viber contact list. I have them in my phone

  2. rsisley

    rsisley Well-Known Member

    Update: The contact finally loaded. Waiting for an incoming call to test that.
  3. rsisley

    rsisley Well-Known Member

    Ok, I think I have it now. I was clicking on the answer button and I think I have to slide it. Stupid me!!
  4. ViberMedia

    ViberMedia Well-Known Member

    @rsisley -

    This is an official representative from Viber.
    We've also responded to you in a private message. We assume the problem has been resolved by now?

    If you still have any questions/doubts, please don't hesitate to ask :)

    Best regards,
    the Viber Team.

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