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Video! Droid Charge FP5 Update Questions and DirectionsTips

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  1. kraisydave

    kraisydave Well-Known Member


    I have been missing in action due to work and a family emergency. I am working to catch up right now. In the works is a Tweaked video and a vid on stopping the OTA notifications.

    Follow the link below to a vid on FP5 Questions and Answers -

    Want to root from stock FP5

    Already stock root on FP1

    Running an FP1 or earlier ROM

    Want to stop notification (vid on this to follow)


  2. W_A_Watson_II

    W_A_Watson_II Well-Known Member

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  3. kraisydave

    kraisydave Well-Known Member

    Thanks.... sorry about that. Had a mistake somewhere.


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