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  1. cbigmtich

    cbigmtich Well-Known Member

    I have searched this and a few other forums for an explination. Here is my question, why does my moment play some AVI files, and not others? It also will not play MP4 files. I have apps that say it will play MP4 files, but no luck with those apps, or the default player. I need some help please. It will play 3gp files, but the quality is woeful. Yet I put one movie on there that says AVI, it works like a charm! My son's EVO won't even play it, but I can! Put another AVI on there and nothing! What gives?

  2. flu13

    flu13 Well-Known Member

    Maybe it's a resolution issue? Not sure. I've only played 3gp files that I converted with Handbrake, and the quality was just fine. I would recommend using Handbrake to convert the avi and mp4 files.
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  3. cbigmtich

    cbigmtich Well-Known Member

    I will try that and see how it works
  4. Risket

    Risket Active Member

    Format Factory is another great file format conversion program. I've been using it for years and never had any problems. It's all-in-one conversion software. Will let you convert almost any video format into almost any other video format. Same with audio, images and it will allow you to create/burn ISO, CSO or convert between ISO and CSO disc imaging files. You can also select multiple videos and join them into one single video file.

    Google "Format Factory" and you'll find it. It's free, of course.
  5. caius

    caius New Member

    This is the program I'm trying to use, however the .mp4's won't play. What settings are you using? I am using:
    264 video codec
    768 bit rate
    25 FPS

    I can see the file in the gallery and in mVideoPlayer, but the video won't play.
  6. Risket

    Risket Active Member

    I actually just convert videos to AVI and leave all the default settings. If anything I change the profile to "medium" quality and change the video size to "480x320" because I don't need a higher resolution than my screen shows.

    I've never had a problem converting to AVI.
  7. ovrrdrive

    ovrrdrive Well-Known Member

    Even though all of the files may say .avi behind them they're all made with different video codecs. You'll probably find out that you can play some of them and not others, just like on a computer.

    If you find and download gspot you can find out what codec the file was compressed with. I bet you'll see a pattern show up.

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