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  1. Myicha

    Myicha Active Member

    When evey I press the power button to turn off screen a video pops up. At the bottom in right corner it says, Screen images simulated. I went into the help book and did something that made thisbhappen, but I'm not sure of what thatbis. That same video starts play when the screen times out. Does anyone know how to stop this video from playing?

  2. Myicha

    Myicha Active Member

    GladvI figured it out seeing as how no one replied. I'm new to the Note 10.1 and was playing around trying to figure outveverything about it. So if theres someone else that comes across bthe same problem that I did theyll know what to do.

    So I went to apps pressed the Galaxy Note 10.1 screen saver, checked the first box and boom video plays when screen is off. Just go back and uncheck that box.
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  3. jackbquick123

    jackbquick123 Well-Known Member

    I'm getting one soon and I might need to know, thanks.
  4. Myicha

    Myicha Active Member

    you're welcome:)

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