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Vivid vs iPhone 4sGeneral

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  1. Kuhns787

    Kuhns787 Well-Known Member

    Okay so here goes. I had an inspire and loved it except for the battery life, camera and sound volume (missed calls because it was too quiet).
    So I ditched it and tried an iphone 4s since my family is iphone fans I thought I would give it a try. I do not like the limitations of the iphone like having to use itunes for ringtones and the music. I miss being able to download on the fly directly to the phone.
    I am looking to go back to an android and tried the Atrix II and I did not like it. I love HTC Sense and am wondering if the Vivid would be the way to go. Has anyone used the Vivid and the 4s if so how does it compare? I am also worried about the size difference, signal strength, volume and battery life. Any help would be appriciated. ;)

  2. lostsoul1

    lostsoul1 Well-Known Member

    I had the I4 and was waiting for the I5 which never came out.. I was pissed and decided to jump ship. I never owned an Android, but thought it was about time. I bought the Vivid for myself and the wife had to have the I4S even though she had the iphone 4.

    The iphone 4/s has more pixels in their screen, but in reality it don't mean much. When you compare the screens everything to me and others that I have shown like the bigger screen and look compared to the iphone. The rez on the vivid is pretty high and I will be surprised to see much of a difference even for the upcoming 720 screens coming out.

    Connection= my vivid always has a higher speed then my wifes Iphone 4s. We are not in an LTE area, but the vivid has the hspa+ which from what I was told the iphone doesn't. I normally get 3 megs or more faster then her.

    Cam/Video : I think are about equal or iphone a tad better. The Vivid will give you a ton more options then the iphone though. Also you can do slow motion (I have not tired it yet). I dont know why but my wifes phone sucks with flash though.. its light the flash makes everything fuzzy white.

    Battery= Both suck.. Vivid runs out fast but you can do a search and see many have issues with the new iphone.. even after they updated to fix it.

    I played with Siri for a few minutes but to me its nothing special. The only good thing I can see it for is for letting you do audio text messages. The rest seems like a fun toy you ask dumb questions of.

    Price= Vivid, I paid $199 for my wifes 16g iphone 4S and $99 for mine

    options for anything= Vivid(android) There are much more option for anything compared to apple. I'm still learning about them.. haha

    Over all I have been happy with my choice. To me Apple F'ed up big time not coming out with the iphone 5 and now Android phones are catching up.
  3. cgc4200

    cgc4200 Member

    in response to the previous post about battery life I've only had the Vivid a few days but with Juice Defender enabled and set to "balanced" I don't think the battery life is bad. It's not quite as good as my iphone 4 was but it lasts me all day. The only phone I ever returned in the 30 day window was an EVO 3G and I can tell you that the Vivid battery is lifetimes better than that thing was. It seems to be a pretty dang good smart phone I'm not sure why its taking such a beating by all the nerd websites. The screen is awesome clear and HTC's UI is as pleasant as any including Apple's so I like it alot so far.
  4. cgc4200

    cgc4200 Member

    I forgot to mention that I do not live in an LTE area and that as far as the phone part goes the Vivid is a much better phone than the iphone 4 was. I have yet to drop a call even at the house which is a deadzone for the ip4 to make calls. I'm using it on the same network AT&T so I do think there were some issues with ip4 when it comes to actually making a call (as if anyone buys smartphones based on their ability to make calls anymore lol).
  5. Kuhns787

    Kuhns787 Well-Known Member

    Thank you everyone for all the information. I made it into the At&t store today and played with the VIVID I have to say I love it. I have always been a big fan of HTC Sense. I listed my iphone 4s on Ebay and as soon as I sell it I will be getting the beautiful White Vivid! ;)
  6. Kuhns787

    Kuhns787 Well-Known Member

    What about the volume of the ringtones and alert sounds? Are they louder then on the Inspire?
  7. lostsoul1

    lostsoul1 Well-Known Member

    volume suxs like the iphone. I think there are apps that help out there, but I have not played with it.

    getting some apps help, but also you can take your mp3s and increase the vol through some free media apps.

    I dont know why most phone have crappy speakers.. a few bucks more is not going to break the bank.
  8. Deepsun

    Deepsun Active Member

    When I have mine in my pocket, the ringtone volume can get annoyingly loud. Granted, this is when I'm at work as a window washer in people's homes, so I don't really want them to hear my phone jangling and think I'm slacking off. This is with "Pocket mode" on, which makes it louder when its in a pocket (duh). I have my alarm set to a pretty chill post-rock/instrumental song and it does a fine job of waking me up, even without being at full volume. I'd say I keep the ringer, notifications, and alarm volume at half and it does just fine for me. I hope the anticipation doesn't kill you! ;-)
  9. fishsticks09

    fishsticks09 New Member

    So I got the HTC vivid two weeks ago, and I haven't really been using it because I haven't switch my old number over. I dislike it the battery is horrible.
    I had it charging all last night, which it only needs three and a half hours to fully charge. I got up this morning played maybe ten mins max of some game, took the phone off tue charger about nine went to work, didn't touch the phone until two it had 5% battery and I hadnot recieved one call/ text/email. It's also dificult to control.
  10. cgc4200

    cgc4200 Member

    something isn't set right, it's not the best battery in the world but it lasts me all day at work taking a handful (5-6) calls and getting a dozen or more texts plus browsing and goofing around on games. make sure you don't have too many apps running in the background that aren't needed and download juice defender.
  11. Kuhns787

    Kuhns787 Well-Known Member

    So I got the Vivid yesterday and it is a big toss up for me between it and the 4s. I can't decide which one to keep. There are features on both that I like. Ugh I am so confused. lol
  12. RoboMonkey

    RoboMonkey Well-Known Member

  13. woodsytattooman

    woodsytattooman Well-Known Member

    Loving my Vivid:)
    Now let's see:

    iPhone - Dual Core 1.0ghz
    Vivid ---- Dual Core 1.2ghz
    WINNER = Vivid

    iPhone - 512mb RAM
    Vivid ---- 1GB RAM
    WINNER = Vivid

    iPhone - 16-64GB Internal
    Vivid ---- 16GB Internal + Expandable via MicroSD Card
    WINNER = Vivid

    iPhone - 1420 mAh embedded Battery
    Vivid ---- 1620 mAh Removable/Replaceable Battery
    WINNER = Vivid

    iPhone - 8mp 2.4f
    Vivid ---- 8mp 2.2f
    WINNER = Vivid

    iPhone - 1080P @ 30fps
    Vivid ---- 1080P @ 60fps
    WINNER = Vivid

    iPhone - VGA Front Camera
    Vivid ---- 1.3MP Front Camera
    WINNER = Vivid

    iPhone - 3.5"
    Vivid ---- 4.5"
    WINNER = Vivid

    iPhone - 960x640 - 326ppi
    Vivid ---- 960x540 - 245ppi
    WINNER = iPhone (maybe)
    (Truth is that at anything over 12" from your eye... neither display will show noticeable pixelization)

    iPhone - 14mbps HSPA
    Vivid ---- 21mbps HSPA+
    WINNER = Vivid

    iPhone - N/A
    Vivid ---- 4G LTE
    WINNER = Vivid
  14. RoboMonkey

    RoboMonkey Well-Known Member

    What about ease of use for people 70+?

  15. woodsytattooman

    woodsytattooman Well-Known Member

    Not so sure on that.This phone is quite heavy compared to my old htc aria and quite large.As far as display it is very nice with big buttons on the keyboard in landscape mode etc.The attachment is real close to the actual size of the keyboard in landscape mode.I tried resizing the screenshot.It should be close if your on a pc not so sure if your on your mobile.For some reason the screenshot is much larger then the actual phone screen when i took it.
    As far as navigation this phone is very nice if you have experience in using a smartphone.

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  16. mac1679

    mac1679 Well-Known Member

    Love it actually to be more specific. I got the phone the first day it came out. I was coming from an iPhone 4 so I figured I would play with it for a couple weeks and then return it if/when I didn't like it. After about 2 days, I was sold and never once thought about switching to the iphone 4s. I did not see that coming since practically everything I own is Apple. I have a Mac computer, Time Capsule, Airport Express, iPad, and used to have the iPhone 4. The Vivid (Android phones in general) is way more customizable than an iPhone, which is exactly what I was looking for. Whether it be the Vivid or any Android OS phone, I can't see myself ever going back to the iPhone. I guess I'm more enamored with the Android OS, but either way the phone is great. Battery life IS terrible, but it's a small price to pay for the functionality of the phone.

    P.S. May not be great for 70+, unless you are a tech junkie.
  17. dopestpoet

    dopestpoet New Member

    Don't forget the built in beats audio
  18. zflamewing

    zflamewing Well-Known Member

    I had an Iphone 3 for 2 years then I got the 4 at Christmas of 2010. Sometime in Jan of this year I shattered both front and back and ended up trying the HTC vivid. I have enjoyed HTC's stock ringtones and notifications for the phone. after owning it for a few hours I've had more functionality out of the lock screen than I ever saw with Apple IOS. I am personally glad I made the jump. I at times miss my 16GB of iTunes music but it's not enough to make me want to switch back. It's been a pretty solid device from a hardware standpoint and I've never had problems with it being too quiet except when I've forgotten I've turned the sound off. Hardware specs on both devices are pretty close so the deciding factors are really the OS which is the source of endless debates. To me IOS vs Android comes down to IOS feels a bit more polished in the "fit and finish" but lacks the customization options and flexibility of Android, which you get with it being a bit rougher around the edges. Just my two coppers on the topic.
  19. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    I conquer... Scott got it on point. :))) &#8679;
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