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Support Vodafone

  1. Wayne Ridgway

    Wayne Ridgway Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone I need your help I have a galaxy s4 on a Vodafone contract but atm I'm a high priority cos I'm not getting what I want and Vodafone has seid there is a error in my contract. I'm really a unhappy customer but I think I'm going to end the contract on Wednesday because they need 7 days legally to fix and make me happy. But if I cancel the contract. Will I keep the phone as it anit my fault in the first place?

  2. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    In a word... No!

    The phone is not legally yours until the contract has ended. Up to that point, you are effectively leasing it from them and they can demand its return or blacklist the IMEI no: to render it unusable.
  3. Wayne Ridgway

    Wayne Ridgway Well-Known Member

    But why should they have the phone back when I had a s3 then paid

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