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  1. Concat

    Concat Active Member

    Seriously, this is infuriating.

    Any time I double tap home it brings up Voice Commands. So don't double tab you say? Well I never do it on purpose. And it wouldn't be so troublesome if it didn't beep at an ungodly volume even in silent mode.

    Who ever designed such an intrusive app needs to be fired.

    I can't find a damn setting anywhere to turn it off or mute it. My last resort is this topic. Is there a solution that doesn't involve custom ROM?

    Is anyone else annoyed at voice commands? Or am I really just being too anal?

  2. xenogod

    xenogod Member

    Hope this helps.

    Go into settings and then applications. Once there look towards the bottom. The setting for double tapping the home button should be there.
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