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  1. MrBojenglz

    MrBojenglz Well-Known Member

    Can anyone give me a dumbed down version of what WAP Push messages are? I just noticed the push setting for messaging and I dont know what it means. I tried the search but I just find people asking if they can do it etc but not really explaining it. Thanks in advance.

  2. andrizoid

    andrizoid Well-Known Member

    "A WAP Push message is a binary encoded XML file that can direct a mobile phone to content on the web.

    WAP Push messages are used to send ringtones, wallpapers and games to mobile phones after the user has sent a paid SMS to a provider."

    take from that what you want.....not too clear on it myself
  3. MrBojenglz

    MrBojenglz Well-Known Member

    really? no one else can explain this? I appreciate the response andrizoid but I was hoping someone that has a full grasp on this could explain it. Does it only have to do with paid services/texts?
  4. HussainAkbar

    HussainAkbar New Member

    You must have seen SMS's of different types without realizing it. e.g. alert messages that auto-popup on the screen, commissioning messages that you get from your telco (they don't show up on the screen; they set your phone parameters for you), among other types.

    The WAP Push message doesn't have anything to do with paid services. The relationship is only casual as it is primarily used to promote paid services. My own systems send out WAP push messages for a number of reasons.

    I haven't come across phones that can send WAP Push messages, although you can write a program to do so. I have and it works.

    Basically, if you send a URL inside a regular text message most older phones will simply display the text as is without making it a hyperlink. The newer operating systems of phones would convert it into a hyperlink.

    However, whoever designs standards, designed a specific format for using when links are to be sent to phones. Every phone that has Internet capability is supposed to understand it. Except for Android phones, for some unknown reason. This type of message contains a URL with a title only. When you open the message and press the appropriate phone button it launches the browser on your phone and takes you to that page.
  5. Abbe dev

    Abbe dev New Member


    It's like this. When you buy a ringtone or whatever, the carriers sends to you over WAP Push a "Notification" for where the content can be downloaded. Then, your device needs to use a specific WAP connection (yes, the same old technology but wrapped in such a way nobody knows it's still WAP) to download the content.

    The WAP Push message simply includes the data the phone needs to let the user download the stuff.

    As Android does not include this, the OEM could get it from companies like Winwap Technologies (Winwap Technologies - Home) so that their Android device can completely handle WAP Push and MMS and whatever the users/carriers need to get what they used to get without Android before...


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