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weird 4g problemSupport

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  1. RoddyH

    RoddyH New Member

    my phone likes to loose the lte basebands. Every couple of hours or every reboot it will loose them and have no more 4g. But if i boot into recovery and restore to basix or stock the basebands come back and 4g will work fine... is there something i can do that will make this stop or atleast not be as frequent?

  2. RoddyH

    RoddyH New Member

    i think i fixed it, i did the odin restore then redid the root/clockwork mod then reinstalled basix and electric sheep then did all of my apps again, then i noticed that when i installed speedtest.net it made my 4g tuen off so i imidiatly uninstalled it then rebooted and it worked again. now its been working all day so hopefully its fixed

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