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  1. clb2196

    clb2196 Well-Known Member

    I got the portfolio case, and I just don't like it. It's awkward to hold, I have to take it out to charge- which worries be as I'm afraid of my cats knocking it over during the night.

    I just bought a gel case for it- hot pink. :D I really want some kind of portfolio case that has a keyboard built in, like they have for iPad. But I'm not holding my breath.

    I think what I'm going to do is get some kind of slip in type case that I can fit it in with the gel case. I also want to get the keyboard for when I'm doing homework (lots of writing papers, so the keyboard helps) and probably a collapsible stand, so hopefully I can find a case that fits all that.

    Just curious what others are doing. I like the security of a case, and it's great for bringing it places which I do a lot, but for browsing at home I don't want to end up taking it in and out of something like the portfolio case all the time.

  2. SuperW2

    SuperW2 Well-Known Member

    My new Xoom is still naked as of now... I just saw the Portfolio case from a co-worker and not excited about it either. I'm thinking Gel Case and then some type of "slipper" case myself. There are some out there, but I'm concerned are more or less re-branded iPad cases that won't be an exact fit for the Xoom, and then not sure if they will fit the Xoom with the Gel thing or not.

    Would love to hear what others are buying also.
  3. clb2196

    clb2196 Well-Known Member

    Yeah- my dilemma is the keyboard. Do I get an iPad/netbook sized case, and just bring the keyboard along separate? Or get a laptop-sized case that fits the keyboard? The keyboard (and it sounds like it's worth getting the Motorola branded one) is 12.6" long. :/
  4. 911junkie

    911junkie New Member

    I use the gel case. And though it may seem cheap/low-tech, I use a storage size zip-loc when carrying around food/drink or when the weather is crappy out.
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  5. rjoudrey

    rjoudrey Well-Known Member

    Just got this bag,


    To hold my Xoom in a case (Acme Made), with a gel skin on it perfectly.

    The bag looks great and everything fits great.
  6. rjoudrey

    rjoudrey Well-Known Member

    This bag has an exterior pocket on the back that is about 7" wide and 10" deep, the back is 12"tall. You slide in their on the days you need it.

    Amazon.com: Sumdex Netbook Messenger Bag for Notebooks up to 10.6 Inches (Black): Computer & Accessories
  7. clb2196

    clb2196 Well-Known Member

    I have a bag, though. I'm on call a lot so I end up carrying my (15") work laptop around, too. So I have a messenger bag, as well as a purse that'll fit my Xoom, so I just want a little thin zipper case so I can stick it in whichever bag I need. :) I have a case for my old netbook that fits my Xoom, but not the keyboard. The case is coming today, i just need to but the actual keyboard.
  8. StreakTheQuad

    StreakTheQuad Well-Known Member

    I bought an Incase neoprene sleeve that is designed for a 10.2" netbook. Fit is a little big but works ok
  9. broadwayblue

    broadwayblue Well-Known Member

    Anyone know if the Xoom will fit in the Incase iPad Travel Kit Plus? Can't seem to find the interior dimensions of the lined compartment.
  10. Lovenexus

    Lovenexus Member

    i use the original box it came in :D. waiting for the otterbox case.
  11. Psychokitty

    Psychokitty Well-Known Member

    I'm using the Motorola portfolio case until I find something better. I'll be using a hole punch on it tomorrow so I can plug in the charger while it's in the book; a detail difficult to believe was overlooked even if Motorola had the lowest bidder design and make them.
  12. Rootmepls

    Rootmepls Well-Known Member

    I have mine in a silicone case full time and for travel I've just bought the Targus sport netbook slipcase 10.2 at Wallmart. Its also available from dozens of online sites for around $20. With the silicone case it fits perfectly.


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  13. publicanimal

    publicanimal Well-Known Member

    You can also flip the Xoom upside down in the case to access the USB/charging ports when the Xoom is shut inside the case. It makes it so that the power button isn't accessible without opening the case, but it works. I currently am charging the Xoom when it's powered off, so it's a non-issue for me. Personally I'm extremely happy with the Motorola portfolio case.
  14. SeeEss

    SeeEss Member

    You have the Xoom in the case upside down. Take it out and insert it the other way and there will be an opening that exposes the port for charging, etc. :)
  15. clb2196

    clb2196 Well-Known Member

    I don't use this case anymore anyway, but if you put it in upside down and use it that way, isn't it hard to get to the power and volume buttons? Or do you mean just flip it over when you're done for the night, just to charge it?
  16. Tech Addiction

    Tech Addiction Well-Known Member

    Here is the one I purchased from Staples. It's made by STM and holds both my Motorola Xoom and my Galaxy Tab. Edit: Sorry, forgot to mention, as said above I also use the black silicon case that came with the Moto Store version and use the below case for transport. I use the Moto audio cradle for desktop viewing.
  17. MartinS

    MartinS Well-Known Member

    I have the folio case from Motorola. Overall I like it but as clb says, charging is impossible and you can't insert the Xoom the other way because there is no gap for the power buttons.

    For charging, I open the case all the way back round.
  18. F22_RaptoR

    F22_RaptoR Active Member

    I cutout an opening at the bottom so you can access all the ports with the case closed. It does work great, and there's no problems charging or transferring with the case closed.

    I used a 1/4" leather hole punch on each side, and then used a hobby knife to cut between them. The material is actually pretty robust, so I did a bunch of light cuts instead of trying to gorilla through it in one pass :p

    Then to finish it off (with the Xoom OUT of course!) I used one of those little micro jet lighters to clean up the edges, just touch the edge of the flame to the material, it will burn fairly easily! (I used a soft cloth and rubbed it around the opening to polish it off sorta, it left a bit of residue)

    This SHOULD have been built into the design, would have been very easy to do as well, it does stick up a little bit around the middle, but no big deal compared to the functionality you GET from it!


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  19. schimm

    schimm Well-Known Member

  20. SPNKr

    SPNKr Member

    Not too precious about my gear. So right now it's uncased. But the kickstanded cases do interest me and admittedly the Xoom has picked up a couple of nicks, so I'm looking at the Incipio two-tone case (if it's actually available).

    Even those nicks, I had to bang it pretty hard (accidentally of course) to accumulate so... well, it is as well finished as any cellphone I've seen so I don't worry about it too much.

    Right now it usually just sits naked in one of my bags or in the integrated sleeve of my Acronym 3A-SR1 sling (brief view here - SLIGHT RETURN on Vimeo may be NSFW) which I wear with the S-J14 (S-J14 on Vimeo) or GT-J19 (ACR-FW-1011 on Vimeo).

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