What I did to make battery life somewhat better...Tips

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  1. estabien

    estabien Active Member

    Okay, so here are a few ways that I managed to increase battery... please note that some of these methods require root :)

    Turning down the brightness:
    This is a no-brainer. Just go to settings and you should find it really quick. I personally keep mine about 1/4 of full brightness.

    Using a dark, non-live wallpaper

    I use this because I often play games on my android, so i use it to turn off wifi while doing activities that dont require it.

    and my final way that requires a root...
    I first made the maximum and minimum 480 mhz with "conservative" selected...


    Then I created two different profiles, but only one matters for this purpose...

    I created a sleep profile and set the maximum and minimum to 320 mhz and put it in "conservative" mode. this makes it so that it should last a little bit longer when not being used. I also tested it with music playing and it worked fine for that too.


    As you can probably notice, i also made a profile for charging... but it just really depends if you use your phone while charging. I do so i find it helpful because it's faster at 800 mhz and it has the "performance" option selected.

    Please note that SetCPU costs 2-3 dollars in the android market, and i hope you found this helpful.


  2. PerkinsII

    PerkinsII Well-Known Member

  3. estabien

    estabien Active Member

    okay, thanks! i wish i had known that...
  4. Penny636

    Penny636 New Member

    Battery life for this phone is horrible! Bought SetCPU based on comments/reviews on linked site (thanks for link).

    Do I need to "root" my phone or do anything else? Appreciate any replys as far as actions that should be done in more lay terms if possible!

  5. estabien

    estabien Active Member

    you must root your phone to use setcpu, sorry.

    of course if you dont like it rooted you can always unroot with gingerbreak or another method.

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