What is the frequency range of the headphone jack? Subwoofer doesn't pick it up.General

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  1. tgm1024

    tgm1024 Well-Known Member

    Droid 4 --> headphone jack --> 3.5 to RCA conversion cable --> receiver --> speakers & sub.

    I've been experimenting with a new home stereo subwoofer that performs very well when playing CD's.

    But when playing mp3/320's from google music (google music is supposed to support that transfer when the recording is 320 and google music set at high quality), I'm not getting any sub woofer output. I don't believe that this is a problem with the mp3 recording itself----my sub crossover is dialed up to 160 Hz which is *more* than high enough to overlap with a recording.

    So I was wondering if the output jack doesn't reach down to 160 hz. That I would find very surprising since it's only about 1 1/2 octaves below "Middle A" (which is 440 hz).

  2. tgm1024

    tgm1024 Well-Known Member

    Hmmmm......apparently it's working now.

    I'm suspicious of this, but I'll be glad to call it a cockpit error for now. Perhaps I got lost in the various testing configs. Beats me.

    Sorry all. {shrug}.

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