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  1. jaybird16

    jaybird16 Member

    I just got a new Galaxy S2 T989 about 36 hours ago now.

    Okay, I know the total screen resolution is 480px x 800px, no sweat. So, I made some wallpapers from my computer's wallpapers that are 1920x1200 using photoshop, exporting at the least compressed jpg setting, that were 800px high and 1200px wide. That's too wide, I know, but because the phone lets me decide what part of the image to display in terms of width to achieve the right aspect ratio, this seems not to be a problem.

    So that worked. Sort of.

    But my wallpaper looks blurry. It looks like crap compared to what I see on my gorgeous Samsung Syncmaster at 1920x1200. I have seen the suggestion that the phone is resampling the image to be much more compressed, but I am not convinced that this is the case. The stock wallpapers look sharp and crisp, so I know it's possible. Even though my phone is rooted, I haven't been able to locate the stock wallpapers on my phone as of yet to check what height they are.

    Here is what I think the problem is. Even though the total screen resolution is 480px x 800px, there is that little bar across the top that shows applications, battery level, the time, etc., and that means the actual wallpaper display size is something LESS that 800px. Maybe about 20 pixels less.

    What I think is happening is the phone takes that image that is 800 pixels high, and displays it across only, say, maybe 780 pixels, because of that little top bar. I think this is the reason why my wallpapers don't look crisp and sharp, but kind of blurry instead.

    So the total height of the screen resolution is not the same as the displayed height of the wallpaper image.

    How many pixels does that bar take up? What I need to know is the actual finished display height of the wallpaper.

    Is this published anywhere? Does anybody know?

  2. Baldilocks

    Baldilocks Well-Known Member

    960 x 800 wallpapers are the correct size for the 480 X 800 screen.
  3. jaybird16

    jaybird16 Member

    Well, then why so blurry? Why does is the wallpaper not actually displayed across all 800 px?

    I guess if nobody actually knows, I'll put the phone under a microscope and count pixels, and then experiment until I have found out what is actually true.
  4. Baldilocks

    Baldilocks Well-Known Member

    Are you setting the wallpaper properly?

    Go into the gallery and click on the wallpaper you want to use. First let's set our homescreen wallpaper:


    A box will appear that allows you to choose which part of the photo you want to use:


    Since this is a homescreen wallpaper, we use the ENTIRE 960x800 area of the picture by dragging the orange box to include the whole picture:


    Now the wallpaper is sized correctly with no blurring:


    The process for the lock screen is the same, except we leave the orange box at the default size and just slide it from side to side to select the part of the picture to be used.
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  5. motownwill

    motownwill Active Member

    After some testing, I have found that 1080 x 900 works without any resizing adjustments needed.
  6. Baldilocks

    Baldilocks Well-Known Member

    960 x 800 is the correct size though.
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  7. robo21

    robo21 Well-Known Member

    Good info Baldi thanks again.
  8. liquidtoilet

    liquidtoilet Member

    Baldilocks do you thinkfor my app i should put 3 different sizes of the same photo ? I mean 1 in hdpi, 1 in mdpi, 1 in Ldpi? So when the person sets wallpaper android phone will pic the best sized one. ? Thank you!
  9. liquidtoilet

    liquidtoilet Member

    960x800. , android qHD 1080x960, android HD 1440x1280

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