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WhatsApp doesn't scroll down automatically when receiving new messageSupport

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  1. silvrwings

    silvrwings New Member

    Hello Android Forums community,

    Whenever I receive a new message on WhatsApp while I'm on the chat window chatting with someone, the chat dialogue doesn't scroll down automatically. So I could be waiting for a reply and meanwhile my friend has already texted me back several times. I have to touch the screen and scroll down to check if I received a new message.

    This is especially frustrating when I'm sending multiple texts and he is replying to each of my texts but since whatsapp doesn't scroll down automatically, I only see a string of outgoing messages and once I finally scroll down I see that he has replied to each of my messages. Example:

    [me] 10:45am Hi
    [me] 10:47am What's up
    [me] 10:49am Wanna hang out?
    [me] 10:55am Are you there?

    (I decide to scroll down)

    [him] 10:46am Hey
    [him] 10:48am Nothing much, just watching TV
    [him] 10:50am Sure, where are you?
    [him] 10:56am Huh? Yah I'm right here.

    [me] 10:57am crap I didn't see your messages until I just scrolled down

    OK so that's obviously dramatized. But that's pretty much what happens and it's annoying and I'm wondering if it's normal (it happens in all conversations).

    I have a T-Mobile MyTouch 4G also known as HTC Panache in Canada. It's running on Android 2.3. I have the latest version of WhatsApp (2.7.9946) and always keep my apps up-to-date.

  2. Mermeladita

    Mermeladita New Member

    I am having the same problem! Please tell if you find a solution!!
  3. silvrwings

    silvrwings New Member

    Thanks for the bump, Mermeladita. I thought I was the only one.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to solve this?
  4. Momazen

    Momazen New Member


    i had the same problem. i figured that it might be caused by the wallpaper.. if you downloaded a wallpaper for whatsapp remove it and this might solve the problem..

  5. Jetro

    Jetro Member

    Yeah, this happens to me - not all the time, but often enough. HTC Desire HD

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