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when are u guys gonna brake out with ICS for the Samsung Infuse?

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  1. sanchez7944

    sanchez7944 New Member

    i am currently running CM7 on my Samsung infuse and it works grate!! now i wonted to know if u guys are gonna brake out with ICS for the Samsung infuse because i think its a grate rom and will work excellent on the Samsung infuse!

  2. yohannie

    yohannie Well-Known Member

    Are you talking to the developers? You know that developers create custom ROMs based on the official builds that Samsung releases, right? In other words, if Gingerbread UCLB3 is the latest build released by Samsung, Gingerbread UCLB3 will be the best thing custom ROMs can be created off of.

    Until Samsung releases ICS for this phone, there won't be an ICS ROM. You can have ICS themes though, if that makes you happy.

    My guess is this phone probably won't see ICS. If it took it this long for Samsung/AT&T to get GB working on this phone, I say the chances for ICS are pretty bleak. Plus, ICS requires more buffed up specs than this phone's internals offers.
  3. TauPau

    TauPau New Member

    So are you saying that Samsung released an official ICS update for the original Galaxy S series (Captivate, Vibrant, i9000)? I haven't heard of this but there are a boat load of ICS custom rom's available for the Galaxy S series. My favorite for my Captivate is Dark Knight 4 ((ICS). So, how is this possible if Samsung hasn't released an official ICS version for the Galaxy S. It's possible because all of the custom ICS for the Galaxy S are ports of ICS for the Nexus (which share some similar hardware). As for the original post, I would say just be patient and I am sure that a ICS port for the Infuse is just around the corner. Galnet ICS 4.0.1 in Alpha release has been demonstrated to function on the Infuse.
  4. yohannie

    yohannie Well-Known Member

    Hmm... I thought Samsung had leaked official builds of ICS for the Galaxy S? But regardless, yes, there's actually a thread on XDA where a few people are claiming they are working on an ICS build based on the GB kernel. Regardless, before that thread, the general consensus was that it would be virtually impossible (or improbable) for ICS to be on the Infuse unless Samsung had leaked builds of it.

    I think you're right about similar phones being able to be used for building builds off of, but even for the slight differences between the international Galaxy SII and the carrier version, slight incompatibilities caused a ton of issues and bricking, so I guess it's all up to the mercy of whoever is developing it and how determined and patient they will be.
  5. Ryanscool

    Ryanscool Well-Known Member

  6. TauPau

    TauPau New Member

    I love ICS on my captivate but I love the features of my Infuse. As I mentioned, looking forward to ICS on the Infuse. It is amazing how much these devices are being sold on craigslist. The cheapest I have ever purchased a captivate is for $60.00, but I can get one for $100.00 all day long. Infuse $160.00 (I could have got it for $135.00 but I felt like $160.00 was a fair deal). HP Touchpad 16GB $50.00 only because I purchased a white iPhone 4 8GB ATT that was in store demo mode for $100.00 at SuperPawn - again, saw the listing on CL for the HP for $70.00, went to the store and got the iPhone 4 and HP (which wasn't charged and already had CM7 on it) for $150.00 and that included tax.

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