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  1. Hi. Can anyone help me please.
    Samsung have brought jelly bean 4.1.2. To the note 2.
    My frinds all got the update OTA. But mine wont update yet.
    So I'm thinking that my phone isn't from the uk.

    Model - GT-N7100

    Baseband - N7100XXALJ2

    Kernal version -
    Se.infra@sep-96#1 SMP PREEMPT
    Wed oct 10 21:08:07 KST 2012

    Build number - JRO03C.N7100 XXALJ3

    I got the contract with vodafone through phones4u.
    I know the update has been realeased in the UK but mine just
    says latest update installed.

    Thanks for your time.

  2. evohicks

    evohicks Well-Known Member

    Hi, where did your friends get their phones from?
    Not sure about all phones from Phones 4 U but the 2 I have had were unlocked sim free even though I went on an O2 contract. I am not 100% sure but I would bet yours is unlocked sim free, and maybe your friends got theirs from a Vodafone shop and theirs would be locked to Vodafone, meaning the latest update was available for them and not you as yet.
    Is there any Vodafone branding, startup screen etc on your Note 2?
  3. oldboy74

    oldboy74 Well-Known Member

    I got mine from 3 and i have the exact same info as you, also still no update.
  4. Hey. Thanks for the quick replies.
    One friends got his from 3 got the update on friday and my other from voda and got hers on Friday too.
    Your right. Mine is stock. No start up logos or anything.
    Just a waiting game I suppose :)
    Thanks very much.
  5. Byair

    Byair Well-Known Member

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  6. My csc code is N7100 oxaljh4
    I started with ox.. couldnt find it. Hmmm. Im baffled
    Thanks anyway evohicks. Much appreciated
  7. Byair

    Byair Well-Known Member

    csc-code OXA is O2 UK
  8. evohicks

    evohicks Well-Known Member

    My CSC is :N7100OXXALJ4
    That's sim free on an O2 contract.

    No problem, glad to help :)
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  9. Cheers guys.
    I think mine is a sim free phone but my contract is vodafone.mI'm usually quite a techy guy but this is my first samsung and I'm just getting to grips
    So I'm assuming service providers get the dealings first. Which is cool. They are the one's that sell most of them.

    Thanks again guys. .
  10. Sorry for the spelling mistakes. Still getting to grips with the massive qwerty on this thing. :-/
  11. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    No problem :p

    Most updates for devices roll out randomly by serial number. If that's they case here, its just a waiting game.

    You could also try force closing Google services framework, I've heard that work for a few people in the past
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  12. Yeah. I think I'll just wait a little longer.
    I know sammobile has a list of countries who have it. I'm gonna assume
    I'll get mine when every other country has theres. I'll just wait for all
    The green lights on the list.
    I'm not too fussed about the update being as soon as now.
    I just hoped my phone wasn't sent from another country.
    I would have returned it and it would of been a hassle.
    Cheers rxpert83

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