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  1. ggna

    ggna New Member


    RE: Samsung Galaxy (GT-I8150) running Android 2.3.6

    At startup, while scanning memory and SD, all widgets disappear. Just the four links at the bottom of the desktop remain. I have to reboot and ... keep fingers crossed ;-)

    Any hint or logfile to look at? Is there any way to just reset the desktop (anything similar to ctrl+alt+backspace in linux, to have the X server restart)?



  2. CullyJoker

    CullyJoker Member

    I experience the same thing about once or twice a week. A reboot usually fixes it, sometimes have to reboot twice.
    Not ideal, would be handy to find a way to refresh the menu screens.
  3. ggna

    ggna New Member

    "glad" to hear that someone else is experiencing my same problem.

    I haven't found any solution yet, though.

    However, I've found empirically that, in order to reduce the frequency of those crashes, it helps somewhat:

    (1) removing any "interactive" widget from the desktop (I removed AccuWeather, e-mail, Google bar; I kept only clock, calendar, and links to several apps), and:

    (2) delaying the input of the PIN code for one's SIM as far as possible.

    I interpret (2) as follows. At the end of the verification of the PIN code, some sort of reset of the desktop takes place. Therefore, it's best to let it happen after the system has verified all the internal memories etc.


  4. CullyJoker

    CullyJoker Member

    Good point GGNA.

    I have only noticed this happening since I activated a PIN on my SIM.

    Maybe that is the cause.

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