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  1. ded2376

    ded2376 Member

    Hello, I am new to this Android market, and would love it if I knew what I was doing, when I try to add widgets to my phone I get an error:

    The application Canvas
    (process android.process.launcher)
    has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.

    I get this message everytime, I have tried rebooting the phone but still the same error???

  2. DaTexter

    DaTexter Member

    Its just the Canvas Launcher on the phone. Don't worry I had the same error when i first got my phone. All you have to do is download LauncherPro from the Android Market and you'll be able to add widgets like crazy. I will however let you know that the default homescreen available when you first download LauncherPro is reduced to three screens. You can fix this though if you like having multiple screen by doing the following steps after you have installed LauncherPro Press Menu> Preferences> Homescreen Settings> Number of Screens and then select as many screens as you want =]
  3. RobotGo

    RobotGo Member

    This happened to me when I installed Shazam, I had to uninstall Shazam and the I no longer got that error. But since then I installed Launcher Pro and don't even have to worry about it anymore!

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