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  1. Fawadgk

    Fawadgk New Member

    Basically the phone won't connect to the Internet. It will connect to the router but gets stuck on obtaining ip address and I've tried this on more than one network and it's the same thing. I've tried hard and soft resets and even pulling the battery and yet no avail please help.

  2. Rusty

    Rusty Well-Known Member

    I had that on my Nexus One, but only on my parents wifi, they used WEP and I couldn't get an IP address until I bumped them up to WPA.
  3. Kridons

    Kridons Active Member

    Yah i though there wasn't any ways but all we had to do is restart the router via the computer (we had some site we went into) xD and it worked fine (huraay i can use wifi)

    LGG2XTEGRA Member

    Hello Mates I have the same problem too...
    At home I have a router (WRT-54GTM T-MOBILE) router works perfectly, but I can't connect to that router, gets stuck on obtaining IP address... then i changed my device advance WiFi settings and set IP address to static, then it worked.
    But I wonder what is the problem? can't found any solution yet

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