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  1. Pete_Murrell

    Pete_Murrell New Member

    Hi there everyone.
    I was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to make my battery last longer?
    Any apps I can download or hardware updates that make the phone more battery friendly.
    I took it off charge the other day and quite literally within 20 minutes it was showing a depleted battery on the indicator.
    Any tips?

  2. jamjar

    jamjar Member

    You've just got to manage your phone more actively by turning everything off that you don't need and then only turn it on when you need it.

    TBH, I'm very surprised at how short the battery life is if you want to do anything normal with the phone ... like use its features!!!

    I use Advanced Task Killer throughout the day to kill all the apps that I've set to self launch. Even then, if I start to use wi-fi or GPS the battery life just crashes to almost zero.

    Hope that helps.

  3. rosered

    rosered VIP Member VIP Member

    I have an X10 which is my own and an X8 that is on loan from SE for testing for their forum. I have a sim with data package on my X10 so everything is on, email, twitter, facebook etc and I need to charge my battery daily. In the X8 I have a freebie sim from Tmobile that had a small amount of credit on it so I have data turned off and have only been using wifi for updating/downloading. I have been amazed at how long the battery lasts on it... I mean days not hours. So that surely says something about the data and battery life.

    Maybe its worth turning your data off when you know you don't need to be updating, or at least turning polling off to manual.

    Be careful of apps that drain your battery too... I had a couple of Battery apps that killed my phone so keep an eye on what you have installed on there.
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  4. ison_machine

    ison_machine Well-Known Member

    I have the same situation on my first week with the phone. the battery seems to drain so fast.

    1. Turn off the wifi, GPS, bluetooth, background data. turn this on as needed. use the power control widget to ease your way on turning on and off.
    2. Turn off data traffic. I observed that connecting to 3G/G greatly drains the battery you can even notice the back portion of the MP where the battery lies becomes warm with extensive use. specially, if there is apps running on background an tries to connect to the net. use the widget data traffic to enable and disable this. Turn on as necessary.
    3. turn off auto updates, this goes with the data traffic. if the data traffic is off auto update will be blocked. some apps have auto update like timescape. you may choose the option to manual or set it to a longer period.
    4. turn off auto sync, this can be found on the settings. these uses data. you can manually sync it anyway.
    5. download the advanced task killer app, these kills the apps the keep running on background. choose only the apps the you need for everyday usage. It will save you some juice.
    6. observe your downloaded apps. some apps keep running on your background and drains your battery.
    7. Manage the brightness. when the screen is on it consumes battery. reducing the brightness will help. reduce the time to sleep mode.

    MP being a smart phone, have so much to give... it is being limited only by its battery life from what i have observed. I hope there there are improvements in the battery life when the update comes.

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  5. ozzy1212

    ozzy1212 Member

    i bet there will be. as 2.1 has a better app and process manager than 1.6 that negates the need for a task killer.:)
  6. ison_machine

    ison_machine Well-Known Member

    Good to hear that. hope we can get the update sooner.:)
  7. xperiaforme

    xperiaforme Member

    On the other hand may people have probles with battery after updating.
  8. atrix

    atrix New Member

    can xperia x10 mini pro's battery change to a higher capacity battery like 1500mah ?
  9. tinmanx

    tinmanx New Member

    Just got the x10 mini pro a week ago, and so far I get around 2 days out of the batteries with normal usage. Not 2 full days as in 48 hours, but around 36 hours. I unplug in the morning for work, and charge it the day after when I get back from work. I'm usually left with around 10% or so when I get back.

    What I noticed is that the first 10% of the batteries is lost within the first hour. I unplugged this morning and by the time I get to work, I'm at around 88%. The low end of the battery life is pretty good, sometime this week I left the house with around 33% battery left, and by the time I get home at night, I still had 10% power.

    Could this be a software problem? I read somewhere that if you charge with the phone on, it won't fully charge, and that if you want a full charge you should turn the phone off. This does explain why the top 10% gets lost within an hour, I charge with the phone on. Anyone else experiencing odd battery problems like this?
  10. rosered

    rosered VIP Member VIP Member

    The battery charges to 100% and then stops charging until it drops below low 90's percentage wise. So if you happened to take it off at that point just before it started charging up again that could explain why you seemed to take a massive dive in the first hour of the day.

    There is a cool little app called Battery Graph which gives you a visual display in graph form of the charge/discharge of your battery. I have it on my X10 big and X8 so assume it would run on the mini. Its a freebie from the market so have a search and see if you can find it.

    Here's an old pic of my graph produced by the app - you can export it to Excel and then turn it into a graph. Been useful comparing when people are having problems.

  11. TJ2010

    TJ2010 Member

    I read on the SE forums that you can extend the battery life with a certain type of charger that charges the battery more slowly. I think it's a nokia charger, don't know the exact type.
  12. Maccattack

    Maccattack Member

    I found I was only getting about 20 hours from my X10 Mini Pro so had a play with things like switching GPS and Data Traffic off one by one to see which ones had a big effect on battery life.

    I found GPS had a great impact on battery life. I can now get 2 full days (48hours) from one charge with normal* use.

    I added the Power Control widget so i can switch GPS on and off easily when i need it like running Endomondo etc.

    * Remember thats normal use for me, everyone's PoV of normal use will be different.
  13. Got my Xperia X10 Mini Pro a couple of days ago. I've tried to switch off everything and even set the phone with the lowest brightness level. Without making / receiving any calls & text messages, the battery dropped from 100% to 75% in 6 hours! It's crazy, isn't it? I won't leave home for more than 4 hours without bringing my charger.
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  14. Maccattack

    Maccattack Member

    Something else to be aware of is that when the green light comes on from charging it's actually only reached 90% battery not 100% as you might think.

    I found i got much better life from the phone if i allowed the battery to reach 100% rather than unplugging when the light goes green.
  15. abcdefg

    abcdefg New Member

    Hey cn I use any othr more powrfl batteries on my x10 mini pro for longer battery life?
  16. t0r11

    t0r11 Member

    -turn off data traffic.
    -turn off all gps option.. (auto sync .. etc)
    -turn off any unnecessaries application
    -reduce brightness and time sleep mode
    -not to use "live wallpaper"... static wallpaper even from mini sd card still ok

    Result when not being used when even phone or message = 1% drop each hour
  17. ShiKaiSheng

    ShiKaiSheng Active Member

    i do a recharge cycle weekly and i switched off all apps i dont need <data traffic, gps, etc>. now battery lasts more than 2 days <when i dont use the internet>
  18. meero34

    meero34 New Member

    Thanks all for comments, they were useful
  19. thekian

    thekian New Member

    Just use power save manager from the app store it saves loads of battery
  20. prokops

    prokops New Member

    I have also followed the steps outlined in this thread and am currently getting approx. 60 hours of battery on one charge. That is 2 days+ with the a morning/evening gmail/facebook checkup, calendar synch and normal call and text behaviour.

    For what I'm getting, I think that it's pretty good or at least not as horrible as I initially thought.
  21. Maccattack

    Maccattack Member

    I downloaded JuiceDefender and ever since it seems to have made a difference to my battery life - in a BAD way. I've even uninstalled it and its still bad. It's rather annoying. Might try Power Save Manager in see if that helps. And Advanced Task Killer too.
  22. Dave52P

    Dave52P New Member

  23. passtherock

    passtherock Member

    ^ i hope what you found out could help us with the battery issue, this would be very useful since i dont like charging my phone everynight
  24. Fxxx

    Fxxx Member

  25. androleorubros

    androleorubros New Member

    Hi guys..
    Am using an X10 mini pro (oS 2.1)for the past 5 months had a looot of issues with the battery life :mad::mad:. I installed AVG antivirus (Free version) in my mobile.
    The task killer of AVG is simply amazing :)
    It improved my battery life by about 50% (Without background data transfer) to 35%(With background data transfer)
    Give it a try folks it really works :):):)

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