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  1. Crsze

    Crsze New Member

    Hi, I have developed a Nutrition Planner using Excel, saved in XLSM format. Is anyone aware of an Android app, preferrably free, that i can download for my HTC Desire which will allow me to open it up on my phone?
    The planner utilises a 3-sheet workbook so the app would need to be able to recognise this, as the food database is on a separate sheet to the planner itself.


  2. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Well-Known Member

    no but....
    i use google docs website and you can upload excel docs to that and you can then use the google docs app for android and it should open and display formulas correctly on the phone
  3. Jahnee Phyve

    Jahnee Phyve New Member

    Note that Crsze was referring to a .xlsm (macro enabled excel) workbook. While Google Drive like most all viewer Apps will open .xlsx files, macro enabled files will not work as these documents rely upon components of the Microsoft program to correctly populate data.
  4. Jim Nisley

    Jim Nisley New Member

    I had my .gmail e-mail account set up twice. Once through the GMail App and again in the E-Mail App (I'm challenged).

    I do not like Google's GMail App. So I try not to use it.

    However, under the E-Mail App I could open .xlsm directly from e-mails via the Quickoffice Application. Today, that functionality stopped.

    Under GMail App, I previously had some functionality. Today that too stopped.

    Any ideas?

    Currently under the EMail app, with my g-mail data populated, I can save the .xlsm, then Open the Quickoffice Application, the open the spreadsheet. So I can get to the data, but I cannot do so directly from the E-Mail App.

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