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  1. daviddakota

    daviddakota Well-Known Member

    Yesterday was the day; I was headed to a local retailer to buy a Xoom 2. I had been looking forward to it and read a couple of reviews - but seemed to miss the part where the reviews said there was no 3G.

    No 3G? Madness.

    Has Motorola made any comments on why its lacking 3G - at least in the UK - and an expected date for a 3G version?

  2. Philarmie

    Philarmie Member

    What mobile do you have? Could you not open up a wi-fi hotspot on your mobile rather than pay extra for 3G? - Just an idea.

    That is what I do. My phone doesn't even leave my pocket.
  3. daviddakota

    daviddakota Well-Known Member

    I have a Galaxy S2, but my contracted provider (UK Orange) have really limited data allowances; I managed to get 1.5Gb allowance from the, but I'm known to have blitzed that in a month.
  4. hocturnalsoul

    hocturnalsoul Well-Known Member

    Personally, I see no point in 3g tablets. If you are an avid techie (like myself) then you already own a device that has hotspot capability, should you reqiure internet access on-the-go, and connect that way. If you have a tablet to replace your laptop/PC, then you understand you only have internet access where a hub or router is available. The price plans are rediculious for wireless dongles and SIM cards that ONLY have internet usages, and i wouldn't be happy paying for 2 contracts. Also the number of free wireless hotspots are increasing everyday all over the place so that's simthing else to bear in mind.

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