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  1. jwwill0

    jwwill0 New Member

    I finally got the xoom and have the month to month no contract verizon service. However, the one place I need 3g the most is in my office at work and I cannot get a good signal. It bounces between 3g, 1x, and no service constantly. It is only useable with extreme patience and sometimes that isn't enough. My at&t iPhone gets a good 3g signal here. Outside seems to be fine. Does anyone have any suggestions other than to get a separate hotspot (not an option on my iPhone)?


  2. clb2196

    clb2196 Well-Known Member

    Good that you don't have a contract anyway. Is there anyone else who would benefit from a hotspot? Maybe you could go in and buy one together and split the cost?

    My office is the opposite. I get a Verizon 3G signal fine, but we don't get an AT&T 3G signal consistently, which drives all the iPhone users nuts. Guessing a lot of them will be switching to Verizon now.

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