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  1. chuckanut

    chuckanut Member

    Just was curious what you guys think of this phone. I thinking about getting it when my contract is up. I currently have Samsung Galaxy S and hate it! I will not get another Samsung phone. So how are these phones? Is there much lag or does it freeze up much?

  2. daarkredeemer

    daarkredeemer Member

    I love it so far,the camera is awesome.It has zero lag,and it's very fast.I love the cut and paste feature.Only thing I noticed was it seems to log me out of sites a lot,that might be something in settings.I'd recommend this phone to anyone.
  3. Tauro-FC

    Tauro-FC Member

    -LED notifications
    -FM radio
    -dedicated camera and video recorder buttons
    -f/2.2 aperture lens
    -a lot of features on the camera software
    -dual led flash

    I'm pretty sure im missing some more stuff, but needless to say this phone has a bunch of features, add to that a powerfull hardware. No lag, no freezing (and I have fast fingers lol)
  4. landovr

    landovr Well-Known Member

    Yep agree with you guys, this phone is awesome. I'm surprised its not more popular.
  5. chuckanut

    chuckanut Member

    Well just ordered it yesterday! Hope I'm not disappointed lol sure I won't. Thanks for the replies ppl

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