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z4 Temp root not working in 2.2 FroYo

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  1. StickySpray

    StickySpray Member

    I just updated this morning and tried to do a temp root. It just keeps hanging at the "Running exploit blah blah bla..."
    Anyone else experiencing this?

  2. magohn

    magohn Well-Known Member

    How exactly do you go about rooting the intercept? any newbie tips?
  3. tramendous

    tramendous New Member

    When VM first announced that they were pulling the update to fix the "bugs," I said that they were "rooting" the firmware of its good qualities, (eg, live wallpaper and wifi hotspot). That is what they did, VM took out the thigs that made FROYO great and to add insult to injury, they sealed up the "exploid" holes that z4 used to temp root it. VM must be planning to become a real cell service provider (Plan contracts) as ATT and Verizon are notorious for locking up the phones so that the customer has to pay for every function. What do we do as consumers? Get to hacking.
  4. StickySpray

    StickySpray Member

    ahh i see so this is a confirmed issue that z4 doesn't work on this version of 2.2?
  5. Void_Wizard

    Void_Wizard Member

    I hope we can find a work-around to the root(perm) the phone because I want to overclock when needed...
  6. NOOBNL6666

    NOOBNL6666 Member

    use rage or one click to temp
    follow the rest of the epic root exploit tut for perma root

    you guys are running 2.2 vm right
    what was your baseband before you flashed vm's 2.2
    mines dl05 and the updates failing
  7. StickySpray

    StickySpray Member

    I was stock before I updated with baseband 06 or something so no problems with that. I used this post to help me root http://androidforums.com/virgin-mob...05-how-root-new-update-2-2-a.html#post2574496

    As for people that have baseband 05 aka rooted to a sprint rom. I think this link might help Virgin Mobile Froyo 2.2 StockROM, kernel, and other stuff. *Ok GO! Fixed!*

    Edit: These are both for permanent root. The only reason I wanted to do temp root before is because I thought it still may have been unstable for VM users. But after flashing my stock 2.2 setup with a rooted kernel everything works fine (better). Right now I am am using the newest "CrapKernel" by Joeseph Mother and everything is great so far.
  8. EdAndInn

    EdAndInn Well-Known Member

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