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    == '''ZT-180 V2 firmware/Themed Roms''' ==
    === '''Android''' ===
    * 20110312 Latest 10inch_4GB +512 MB_Android 2.2. firmware Zenithink.com Download page [10inch_4GB+512MB_Android2.2.rar???????|????-????-?????? click here]
    * 20110304 10inch_4GB +512 MB_Android 2.2. firmware Zenithink.com Download page [10inch_4GB+512MB_Android2.2.rar???????|????-????-?????? click here]
    === '''Themed Roms''' ===
    * ZT180 Zenithink V2 512MB RED LINE Chanante Firmware Android 2.2 (0123) [Zenithink ZT180 V2 512MB - Firmware Chanante RED LINE Android 2.2 (0123) click here]
    * Zenithink ZT180 V2 512MB FirmwareDeluxe Blue Android 2.2 (20110211) [Zenithink ZT180 V2 512MB - Firmware Deluxe Blue Android 2.2 (20110211) click here]
    * Zenithink ZT180 V2 512MB Firmware GREEN ZONE Android 2.2 (0125) [Zenithink ZT180 V2 512MB - Firmware GREEN ZONE Android 2.2 (0125) click here]
    === '''Windows''' ===
    * Windows CE Rom [CE??1.52.rar???????|????-????-?????? click here]


    == '''How to Section''' ==
    === '''Getting flash to work with Firmware Rom 20110312''' ===
    * Download Rom 20110312 and follow step in "How to upgrade firmware"[10inch_4GB+512MB_Android2.2.rar???????|????-????-?????? click here]
    * Download flash/angery bird [flash??__ Angry birds.rar???????|????-????-?????? click here]
    * Install the flash apk
    * If it doesn't work you need root to do this
    * Go to your file manger then system/app find the flash apk
    * Change permissions to rw-r--r-- and install again and reboot

    === '''Rooting the ZT-180 V2''' ===
    * 1. Visit [[APP] [ROOT] 1-click root for N1 (Latest ver: 1.6.2 beta 5) - xda-developers SITE] and download the latest version of Universal Androot
    *Copy the Universal Androot APK file to a micro SD card on your PC
    *Remove the micro SD card from your PC
    *Insert the micro SD card into your ZT-180
    *Use a file browser to locate the Universal Androot APK file on the micro SD card
    *Install the Universal Androot App
    *Run the Universal Androot App
    *Don't install superuser
    * 2. Goto [iBeau dot net Easy Root & txPower fix on Zenithink ZT-180 iBeau.net's TxPower Fix & Easy root page] and follow the directions listed there.

    === '''How to upgrade Firmware''' ===
    * 1. Download the latest firmware to pc
    * 2. Extract both zip files
    * 3. Make a folder call zt-update
    * 4. Put all files in that folder
    * 5. Take the zt-update folder and copy it to the "root" of your sd card "not in a folder"
    * 6. Put the sd card back in your ZT-180
    * 7. Press the big round Menu button while you press power on button it will ask if you want to update spl? press big round button to accept
    * 8. It will run through the script when it's done It should boot up
    '''How to install windows C'''E
    * Download Windows CE, exctract archive and rename file 10P_EN_V1.52.1024x600.img to NK.nb0.gz.img.
    * Place it in the zt-update folder with all the other files
    * Copy the zt-update to the root of your sd card
    * Put the sd card back in your ZT-180
    * After pressing power on press what looks like the volume down button and scroll to `Other OS`.
    * It will run through the script when it's done It should boot up

    === '''Themed Market''' ===
    * You do need root to do this.
    * Here the Link for all the themed markets [[APP]::16-03-11::NEW Themed Market 2.3.4:::Neon White fix and install re-wrote::: - xda-developers click here]
    * I downloaded Neon Blue version to my pc then moved it to my ZT-180.
    * Next you open a file explorer I used root explorer go to sdcard make a folder call market next go to system/app and find vending.apk long press and move it to sdcard/market.
    * Next go to data/dalvik-cache look for system@app@vending.apk@classes.dex long press and move it to sdcard/market next grab the downloaded market theme and extract it.
    * Next go to extracted long press on it and copy then go to system/app and paste then find it long press on it go to permissions change them to all read and only user write tap ok.
    * Next go to data/app and make sure there is not a vending apk there if so move it to sdcard/market if not your done reboot and enjoy.

    === '''How to change your bootanimation''' ===
    * Easiest way go here and down load this app. [Download: Droid Life Custom Boot Animation - Droid Life: A Droid Community Blog click here ]
    *Then download the bootanimation of your choice. " Right now there is only one for that app"
    * If you have root access download the bootanimation of your choice and put the bootanimation.zip file in /data/local folder and reboot.

    === '''Bootanimations''' ===


    *DroidLife [Download: Droid Life Custom Boot Animation - Droid Life: A Droid Community Blog click here]
    *NexInvert [nexinvert.zip click here]
    *Starfield [SF.zip click here]
    *Smokeswirl [smokeswirl.zip click here]
    *AndroidMinimal1 Green [http://dl.dropbox.com/u/19412696/480x800_AndroidMinimal1.zip click here]
    *AndroidMinimal1 Blue [http://dl.dropbox.com/u/19412696/480x800_AndroidMinimal1_Blue.zip click here]
    *AndroidGlow1 [http://dl.dropbox.com/u/19412696/480x800_AndroidGlow1.zip click here]
    *AndroidGlow2 [http://dl.dropbox.com/u/19412696/480x800_AndroidGlow2.zip click here]
    *AndroidParticles1 Green [http://dl.dropbox.com/u/19412696/480x800_AndroidParticles1.zip click here]
    *AndroidParticles1 Blue [http://dl.dropbox.com/u/19412696/480x800_AndroidParticles1_Blue.zip click here]
    *AndroidParticles2 [http://dl.dropbox.com/u/19412696/480x800_AndroidParticles2.zip click here]
    *Honeycomb [http://zt180apps.co.uk/DLs/BootS/HoneyComb/bootanimation.zip click here]
    *R2D2 [http://www.mydroidfiles.com/downloads/R2D2-bootanimation.zip click here]
    *Honeycomb 2 [https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0BwD4...kxNTI5&export=download&authkey=CNj-gogD&hl=en click here]


    == '''Useful Articles'''==

    === Android 101: A Guide to Using Your Android Phone - PCWorld ===
    [Android 101: A Guide to Using Your Android Phone - PCWorld click here]

    === Why you SHOULDN'T be using a task killer with Android ===

    [FAQ: Why You Shouldn’t Be Using a Task Killer with Android click here]

    === Developing In Eclipse, with ADT ===

    [Managing Projects from Eclipse with ADT | Android Developers click here]


    == '''Guides and Fixes'''==
    === '''Using Mass Storage''' ===
    * 1. Connect it to your pc via USB cable.
    * 2. Next the go to menu/settings/sdcard storage/ unmount the external sdcard.
    * 3. Then pull down notification bar tap select the USB connect.
    * 4. Then tap turn on and it will connect.

    === '''TX power Mod''' ===
    * You have to have root to do this
    * 1: Download RootExplorer – This is the ultimate file manager giving you complete read/write access to Android’s file system. Install and then run.
    * 2: Once RootExplorer is open, navigate to /etc/Wireless/RT2870/ and you should see a file called RT2870STA.dat
    * 3: Above that file, select the grey button that says Mount R/W. It should now say Mount R/O
    * 4: Press down on file RT2870STA.dat until you get the menu popup. Now select Open in Text Editor down the bottom in that list of options
    * 5: On the 12th line down where it says TxPower=100, change the value of 100 to 20.
    * 6: Now click on the Home button and then click Yes to save changes.

    === '''Keyboard Map Mod''' for case with built in keyboard ===
    * You have to have root to do this.

    * 1. Go to system/user/keylayout/qwerty.kl hold open in editor * 2. Then go to the bottom of the text file and look for this line # On an AT keyboard: ESC, F10
    * 3. Now edit to look like this # On an AT keyboard: ESC, F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, F8, F9, F10, F11, F12
    * 4. Then add this under that like to look like this key 87 VOLUME_UP WAKEkey, 88 VOLUME_DOWN WAKE
    * When all done it should look like this

    * #On an AT keyboard: ESC, F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, F8, F9, F10, F11, F12
    *key 87 VOLUME_UP WAKE
    *key 88 VOLUME_DOWN WAKE
    *key 110 Insert
    *Key 97 Ctrl right side
    *key 29 Ctrl left side
    *key {add button # here} CAMERA

    * Remember space the words to match the other words and use caps where I types them When you got this done save file restart pad and enjoy it the keys I map are F!! down F12 up.

    === '''HDMI OUT''' ===
    * First go to the market download a video player next make a fold on your sdcard called Videos.
    * Then download the moveis you want there next plug in the mini HDMI cable to your ZT-180 and to your TV.
    * Next go to the video player app find the video that you want to play and start it.
    * Next make sure your TV is on the right HDMI in mode.
    * Next hold down on the what looks like the volume down button and it will transfer the video to your TV.
    * Enjoy


    == '''Working Apps & Games''' ==
    === '''APPS''' ===
    * Age of Conquest: Africa
    * Alchemy
    * Aldiko - ''Book reader''
    * American Idol-
    * Android ''Comic Viewer''
    * AntiBody
    * Angery Birds all versions
    * AppBrain Market
    * App Monster-
    * Apps2sd
    * Armageddon Squadron
    * Astraware Solitaire
    * Beautiful Widgets
    * Block Jam
    * Bonsai Blast
    * Chess For Android (by Aart Bik)
    * Citrix Reciever
    * Chrome to phone
    * Collapse
    * Crop Wallpaper
    * Documents to Go
    * Drocap2
    * Droid Comic Viewer (*.cbz *.cbr viewer, but it's in the "Games" section of Android market)
    * Dolphin HD Browser
    * ES File Explorer - Can use this to stream audio from my Media PC
    * ESPN
    * FaceBook
    * Farm Frenzy
    * Flash player 10.1
    * Frostwire
    * Frozen Bubble
    * Full version for Craigslist
    * Galcon
    * GBCoid (Gameboy Color emulator)
    * GlowPuzzle
    * Google Sky Maps
    * Google Talk
    * Google Voice
    * GreatDad
    * Gube
    * Home Switcher for Froyo
    * Hyperspace
    * Empty
    * Just Pictures
    * Kindle
    * Labyrinthe Lite
    * Laputa - ''Book reader''
    * LinLink
    * LiveHome
    * Lunar Cubes
    * mVideoPlayer
    * MP3 Music Search
    * MyLetter
    * MyView
    * NswPlayer - Use this and TVersity to stream video or music to my ZT-180 [http://www.droidforums.net/forum/droid-audio- video/35019-streaming-hi-quality-video-android-tversity-nswplayer.html Setup TVersity for Streaming to Android]
    * OpenSudoku
    * PaiJump
    * PETS Live
    * PC Remote Controller
    * PhoneFlicks
    * Photobucket
    * Playstation Offical App
    * QuickOffice
    * RealPlayer
    * RoboDefense
    * RootChecker
    * Root Explorer
    * Rushhour
    * ScoreCenter
    * Simon Tatham's Puzzles for Android
    * SFCave
    * '''SlateDroid'''
    * Sniffer
    * SwiftKey - ''Keyboard''
    * swiFTP
    * Tapatalk - Free version
    * The Weather Channel
    * TuneIn Radio
    * Twidroid
    * Twitter
    * Uniwar
    * Empty
    * Wallpapers
    * Wifi Analyzer
    * Wireless File Transfer Pro
    * Wootwatcher
    * XDA
    * YouTube
    * Empty

    === '''GAMES''' ===
    *250+ Solitaire Collection
    *4Players Reactor
    *Angry Birds
    *At Bat '10
    *Beatdown Boxing
    *Blow Up
    *Bonsai Blast - similar to Zuma on pc.
    *Farm Frenzy
    *Feed the Bunny
    *Fruit Ninja
    *Gem Miner
    *Guitar Hero 5
    *Homerun Battle 3D
    *iDemolished - similar to Blow Up.
    *Live Scores
    *Mechanics Touch
    *Moron Test
    *Ohio State Football
    *Papa Stacker
    *Paper Toss
    *Plants vs Zombies
    *Pocket Racing
    *Shoot U
    *Space Physics - very nice game where you draw on screen to solve a puzzle.
    *Speed Skater
    *Super Tumble
    *Super Boom
    *TextTwist Turbo
    *The Inferno
    *Traffic Rush
    *USA Capitals
    *Wave Blazer

    You can find the full version of this page here Wiki:ZT-180v2 FAQ - Wiki

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  2. dan_lem

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    There is a lot of work behind this post I am sure. Thanks I got a ZT-180 V2 but it did not come with WIN CE. The add on DHGATE was very misleading I thought i was buying a dual system tablet. Android 2.2 really works great on this tablet. GPS does not work no satellite com ??
  3. gtpdjw

    gtpdjw Well-Known Member

    Try the latest firmware it supports gps from the usb port only tho and you can get wince to dual boot with it
  4. aleksausb

    aleksausb New Member

    thank you very much, it was a lot of work to do this. Maybe you know a good manual for the z-180 with 4GB Nandflash and 512MB RAM?The small manual I have only explain Android, not the hardware
  5. Izzittdashooz

    Izzittdashooz New Member

    I hope I don't get in too much trouble for asking this question here, especially if I missed in it in my search (my apologies if that is the case). I have a Zenithink 10.2" with firmware build 20110503.120935 test-keys.

    I need to know what the latest firmware build is and if I have to install any other firmware versions IN BETWEEN the latest build or can I just install the latest one and I'm all good.

  6. Izzittdashooz

    Izzittdashooz New Member

    Can anyone tell me if this is a yes or a no? It seems like I could just download the latest release and install it but I don't want to brick my tablet, either.

  7. hensberg

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    I downloaded and installed this one listed at the top of the forum, the one with the blue background and has the "ZEPAD" startup screen.

    android_2.2_512_4GB_10_0613 with F.rar

    No problems experienced so far.

  8. Izzittdashooz

    Izzittdashooz New Member

  9. blaw918

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    i have installed universal androot, super user(comes with 0613 rom), su update fixer, paid for root explorer and installed, and root checker. ran universal androot and ran it. first time it said not rooted. second time it said woot you are rooted. ran root checker and it not accually rooted. ive uninstalled super user and rerooted, same results. went into root explorer to change tx power but it wont let me change mount rw to mount ro. files are locked. what am i doing wrong?
  10. deepee

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    Not that I can read Chinese anyway but the file seems to have been removed. :(

    Anybody have an updated link?

    Gee, I thought it was hard searching and following Linux based forum threads but this Android stuff takes it to a whole new level.... :confused:
  11. blaw918

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    got universal androot to work. downloaded smaxtors custom rom and it comes with the correct universal androot for the zt180 to be rooted

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