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  • Hi Adauth! I'm Fabrizio from Italy...I'm new user in the forum...
    you know, I can't still close my mouth ( it is blocked in "open" modality ...hehe )

    after I saw how you customized your device! excellent job dear friend!

    Please could you explain me how did you find that big White button with the android robot placed in 3D ??

    it is wonderful.... I'm not as skilled in rooting or modding device, do I need to root my device if I want to "copy" your idea?? :)

    Thanks in advance!
    have a great sunday!

    Hello, am a new member and about to launch my business app. Which group is the best for me to join to support the success of my app.
    I need help with a LG G2x Update Fast! I postponed my update for 24 hours while I backed up my sms and everything else well even though my phone was dying it started anyway.The phone died I went to charge it and it continued the backup i took the battery out! How do I stop the update???? Will I lose my SMS, Pics, Contacts, Apps everything??? Please help! i HATE this phone I have had nothing but problems since I got it on Dec. half the stuff wont work on it and tmobile does nothing.
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