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  • You will be fine if you use matts utility to go back to 181. you can flash eclipse (173) without bricking but with ICS around the corner I would wait after fastboot to stock.
    Hey man, I saw you were willing to help a razr newb and I am looking for some answers. I am coming from a DX.. I am very competent with rooting, flashing, etc with the X. I'm worried about the x. I understand that fastboot is the same thing as sbf? So if I want to flash back to 173 i just need to download the fastboot files and use rsd lite to flash it and i'd be back to stock? Is that what I need to do in order to go to the ICS Roms? What worries me is that I think there were certain sbf files you couldn't go to because once you were on a newer version you couldn't go back.. For example. I just accepted the 181 update... There are no ROMS ... Can I fastboot back to 173.?? What about the .173 backup i created? could I restore it. or would it brick me?
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