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  • yo, tried to send you a follow up PM, but got a notice your inbox is full.

    unfortunately my tablet was sold on Amazon earlier today, and just now noticed. i apologize for this inconvenience. i'll let you know if they some how back out.
    I too am in VA and haven't gotten the update message. It seems to be blocked when I try to manual "Check Now". Please reply back and let me know if you got it. My work brings me in contact with a few out of state truck drivers and the 2 that have the EVO have both got the update one from MD and another from PA??? I am just wonder when we be allowed to get 2.2?!

    Don't hold it against me that I am a Raider fan. Thanks for your time.
    Definitely interested. I would like to see a pic if you have one. How would you do the transaction, Paypal? It would be easier to communicate via email. Mine is
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