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  • bro thanks but i have triied all that and am stil having that
    same problem... dont u think it's the firmware ? please were
    can i download the latest firmware ? please send me a link of
    Hey BRAINZ2013 you answered one of my questions about a day ago I did what you recommended (i installed google play store, but did't understood the part where i put the app into system apps and give it permission (i am rooted)). Now google play crashes saying unfortunately google play have stoped working. What should i do now?
    i don't mean to bug you man, but this is important for me. long press which LABEL? when i click the gear icon SETTINGS pop up, then I TRIED TO LONG PRESS "WI-FI" but nothing happens, but if if tap it all wi-fi networks appear. i cant get to the "MODIFY" you was telling me about. i see the 3 little dots in the upper right corner but i told you whats under that option......scan, add network, wps push ect. please help bro
    New to forum, new to Android need help with a 10 clone tablet. I won't blast you with details yet. Can you help?
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