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  • At first if you don't succeed, maybe this isn't for you! Today is the last day before tomorrow, so use it wisely!
    Hey man, I have blue bionic theme from theme chooser but don't know how to copy it to my sd card so I can change a few things. I have the paid version of root explorer, what do I need to do?
    My email is my cell number is 573-421-2833 text if I don't answer, and could you send the apktool that you have?
    do you know how i can get the factory restore zip? the files i click on say they have been removed
    Greetings then fellow CT'er. Well formerly of CT. For a year I lived about an hour north of Panama City and have visited Key West a couple of times. Obv thought about retiring there back when I was 18 :D Btw you've got 5 years on me
    I left a message for the Guides...I've seen bricking threads in the Admire forums, too, which is also unfortunate. I'll ping you back when I hear something.

    Thanks for the reminder! :)
    Ah, cmwhatever, yeah I've recently become aware of this issue (several of our Guides who are more familiar with the issue have been discussing it).

    I'll ping the Guides again--they were contemplating posting something in the relevant ATR areas where this might be an issue.
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