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El Presidente

El Presidente

Beware The Milky Pirate!, 40, from Scotland

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Jan 3, 2011 at 2:19 PM
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Feb 26, 1981 (Age: 40)

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    1. El Presidente
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    2. Taheer
      Hey man, can you guide me how to install ics on my desire hd, my current version is 2.3.3 with 3.0 sense
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    3. jordan443
      hey could you take a look at my thread if you can? thanks!
    4. Liamo_210
      Ye you posted in it at one point.
      Thanks mate.
    5. Liamo_210
      No sorry u can't seem find it but digital controller seemed to have helped him so its fine now
    6. Liamo_210
      Just want to let you know this guy in the introduction section has a rooted HTC one x and is looking for your help. I would help him but seen as you have that phone i think this would be more suited to you mate.
    7. junjiat
      hi i am a user of galaxy s2. i would like to ask for paid apps like aldiko ebook, paying just for the app is not enough? because most of the books and good books inside the app still require to pay. pelase advise and if you know any app then has good book without paying.
    8. davidbaron
      thats fine anything you can do will help :)
    9. saeedyasir91
      thankx bro...
      will try Scotty8's instructions..
    10. saeedyasir91
      hey man..i am new here..trying to root my desire hd using aahk but failed..see this is all i can do in aahk...

      Would you like to DOWNGRADE? y/n y

      Flash this RUU? (y/n) y

      pushing rom to sdcard - this takes time, please be patient.
      2582 KB/s (264435533 bytes in 99.978s)
      Setting up to temproot....
      2793 KB/s (572752 bytes in 0.200s)
      471 KB/s (19240 bytes in 0.039s)
      323 KB/s (14475 bytes in 0.043s)
      Unable to chmod /data/local/tmp/goldcard.img: Operation not permitted...

      After that aahk asks me to press volume up key and power when i see a red triangle..phone then restarts 2 or 3 times and finally reach hboot.their it checks that img file and asks me if i wanna update or not..i cancelled that update because i knew that something isnt right about that error.after that i restarted my phone and using it normally as before with the stock rom...
      what should i do...what am i doing wrong.help me out..i really wanna root it..
    11. davidbaron
      any chance you could tell me how to portion my sd card so it is used as internal memory i unlocked bootloader and tried your direct to sd install but it doesn't work i am on htc salsa?
    12. mrashoo
      hey bro first i wanna thanks because i Rooted my HTC explorer with your tutorial i have just purchased it 5 days back and its my 1st android device i just wanna ask i have verified and root is successfull but is it necessary to make partition on SD ? and second i wanted to play some games on it like asphalt 6 and modern combat 3 but even after rooting its not allowing me where as ive seen others at youtube running it easily on their htc explorer any way to fix that .... need your help.
    13. sufaz76
      Its ok about that,,

      i have the problem which i have mention before ?
      Do you have the suggestion..???

      thanks before.
    14. sufaz76
      Hello... sorry For annoying you.

      I got the problem with my phone,,,(garminasus a50).
      My phone got boot loop, because i got the mistake, delete some necessary file in sd card. I try to hard reset by hold left button of navigation during power on, but nothing happend.

      I try to update during power on but fail (nothing happen).

      I try to connect via adb for reboot recovery, I push top button of navigation during power on until show usb polling mode to communicate with my adb, but when I write adb devices in my command promt, no device found in adb. I already read all the instruction how to install adb.

      I try to looking for the answer why my phone can not connect to adb, I have installed driver for my phone, in device manager already show adb boot loader interface.

      Please lets me know, what is wrong, and what I have to do...???
      Thanks so much if you want to respond my message....
    15. bluemagic27
      Responded ! :)
    16. bluemagic27
    17. sanibel
      Thanks for liking my post. Boy, that is an adorable kid you have :) how old is he? Cheerios, S
    18. shengfu10
      How can we make our homescreen Landscape view?
    19. shengfu10
      haha~~it's ok
      So you mean there isn't beat audio in the speaker?
      Thank you
    20. shengfu10
      Hi I got a question on my HTC One X
      When I was playing music without using headphones there is still a beats sign in notification bar.
      But yesterday when I played the music the beats sign is gone.
      Can I bring the beats sign back?
    21. rigel1326
      Question for an admin. When I use tapaptalk and navigate to the Samsung galaxy s2 (sprint) directory, why does app kick me out to web browser? Every other directory here let's me browse with no issues.
    22. Digital Legend
      Mr President. I am not sure if I am sending this info along to the appropriate person, but I thought I would pass along that I tried the Link in Sticky: One X - Useful Links & Info -- Official HTC Stuff --Manual (Direct Download) and i was directed to an HTC error page. thought you may want to know about this.......Digital Legend

      p.s. if you are the man, thanx for the great Forums! :thumbup:

    23. naviwilliams
      ...always helpful! Thanks.
    24. proc
    25. proc
      Hello.. anyway my username could be changed? was left incomplete in a hurry upon signup..lol
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