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  • Which mobile security app are you using. MY trial to lookout is about to expire and I was wondering whether to stay with it or go with awg or another reccommended security app.
    Hey bro, whats up... been a bit since I last asked for help, but thought I would ask anyway. I'm not locked up, bricked or in a endless loop... I just want a GB rom that has everything working... CM7's latest build is in my opinion the best for all round performance, but one issue has caused me to say screw it and that is the proximity sensor isn't picking up my face. I was using WarmZ and actually liked it even though it was 2.2 / sense 2.2, but the dialer was having its own issues. (when calling anyone, sprint for example, when asked to press 0 for the operator it wouldn't register. None of the buttons did otherwise it was virtually perfect. Help bro... I'd really like a GB Rom that has as much working as possible... I even through on the Virus rom GB sense 2.2 it was ok, but to many bugs to be an everyday rom.... Think you got what I need?
    Dood, i see you all over this forum helpin those in need, and to that, i say Amen to you good sir!! Its folks like you, ocnbreze, Mr. Ed etc etc that make this an incredible forum indeed!!! Keep it up! And again, my most sincere thanks!!
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