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  • No, actually I mean that black leather dock which you made. Quote "a custom Launcher Pro Leather Adidas Dock made by me." Hope you understand.
    Is that the icons I am using or the dock?

    The icons are Buuf by Mattahan from DeviantArt.com

    Let me know :O)
    Yeah, feel so ******ed right now. New with dropbox, created account and still can't view your files. When click your link in your sig it just goes to dropbox's account creation layout. Don't know if the link is bad or do I just suck. Let's assume that the second option is correct...

    Its in my dropbox and added a link to my signature for you.

    Any problems let me know.

    absolutely love your "Adidas wallpaper" but your earlier post which included the dropbox-link is dead. Would be very nice if u could share it once more.
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