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  • Hi John,

    Currently the access for file on the link Simple File Sharing and Storage. seems to be set to private. Could you please provide the access to it? Thanks.
    Hi John; you helped me some time ago and wonder if you could once more. I've searched for some time and have found no answer. I need the ability to record phone calls, both sides, from two of my associates. We are inventors and do not want our conversations stored at some data center, or, stored in the form of voice mail. I have a Moto Droid Bionic and understand that Motorola, or someone, has the kernel set so it will not allow phone calls to be recorded. The question... Are you aware of a way around this or of anyone that has a patch to bypass this in the kernel? Also, I'd very much like to see a 'answering machine apk' so phonecalls can be recorded on my phone instead of going to voice mail. Know of any?
    Thanks, dlw1146
    Hi John, I was hoping you could refresh the Motorola USB Driver links - seems like they're all down. I'd certainly appreciate it. Thanks.

    I seem to have bricked my Bionic using SamuriHL_HouseOfBionic. I was trying to get to .238 from .235 and now I can't get anything to work.

    Any ideas?
    I saw your screen name and wanted a libertarian to see this post I penned.

    This is how Verizon's marketing model is working for me;

    The clear answer is lack of competition brought about by government controlling and dishing out bandwidth as they choose. This allows Verizon to control the quality and price of the telephones they sell, the price of the bandwidth they sell, and, if they are successful in changing the law with regard to Internet freedom from control, they will control the content I may receive over their network. And my money is working against my own interest of maintaining a free marketplace.

    So bring on the next new gadget and I'll get in line to hand them my money which pays to destroy my freedom and is foolishness and paying for air. What a fool I am. The new 5 g stupiddroid or idope will be out in three months, send your money now so you can be sure to get one ahead of everyone else.
    Hi John,
    Thanks for your offer to help with SMS Backup & Restore.
    As I wrote on my site, I suspect that either Motorola has additional columns in the messaging database to store the actual received date and the date it uses to display or it simply does not accept the date given when restoring.
    One way to figure out would be to check the database schema to see if it has additional columns in the mmssms.db file. But before that may be we should try to reproduce this issue on your phone and see if it actually happens on it as well. If you want I could send you a simple backup file which contains only 1 message and on restoring we can see if you get the correct date or not. This way it wont interfere with your existing messages.

    Once again, thanks for your help, if you want you can email me directly on android AT

    Please help with adb, I went into cmd and cd C:\Android\android-sdk\tools, then I typed in the adb shell and it states adb is not recognised as internal or external command.
    Figured I'd let you know your pictures of the NSFW Goth Girls, are absolute gorgeous. There are some poses that are so unique and incredible. Beautiful man, just beautiful.
    hi there i have just downloaded froyo 2.2 and you seem to be the person who sorts out all the problems LOL well i have had many problems with the update i can not view my downloaded apps on the menu when i click on the top button to put the phone to sleep it just turns it off and the phone is locked into safe mode Is there any way that you could help me i would be very greatfull Thanks Tom

    I got my first ROM to work, but it was pretty bad, so I had to restore, update to the latest official 2.2, and I'm going to wipe and try again.

    Thanks for everything!!!!!!!!
    I'm sorry, this'll be my last question..

    I just download the ROM, unzip and place in the Nandroid folder, then install? Is that still the way to do it?

    If you don't want to answer I'll head back over to the forums, haha.

    Thank you for the help! I just backed it up.

    I have another question if you don't mind..

    I'd like to install a custom ROM. I found a YouTube video, but it's from February, so I'm not sure how reliable it is, since it said the folder on the SD card would be called Nandroid, so things have probably changed.

    Anyway, do you know of a recent guide to installing a custom ROM? &, even though I think I know the one I'll use, do you have a list of ROM's you like?

    Thanks so much again.
    I am interested in a Google Voice invite if you still have one? Thanks! My email is
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