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  • hey bro i seen you posted in the fastest rom section about venom and was wondering if is running on your evo v from virgin mobile?
    Hey, do you know how to change the carrier name from "Boost Mobile" to your name? Like on the lock screen and the notification bar? It's all i want done on my phone. I've looked everywhere. Can you help?
    links are down for now...will be back up in the next few days..testers working on cm9 now...cm9 still has a few things broke like mms over playback..may not be a great daily driver for someone not experienced with custom roms and modding..otherwise everything els works fine
    Good Morning. I assume this a link to ICS for Prevail? Further reading indicates I should partition SD? Thinking of buying Prevail for daughter. Will root and find ROM she can operate. She also needs WIFI capability. Wife and I working off rooted Nexus phones so not familiar with Prevail. Any advice appreciated. Thank you. Ray, Florida
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