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  • Hey King, How ya been? Well, I moved on to a Samsung Fascinate and I had a Quick question. What is the preferred network type (cdma, gsm, wcdma, etc etc...) I should be using for my SF? I know you may not know since you don't have one, but the Fascinate community isn't very forthright when it comes to supposed "simple" questions. To be honest, It's pretty lame compared to Ally/Velocity community!!!
    Well, just thought I'd give a shout, and see what's up? Heard anything about Vel 1.2? I'm still gonna hook that up with my ally when it becomes available. You know it's gonna be hott!
    ------:cool:Thanks, and Rock On Holmes!!!!!
    Hey man, you sent me that schpeil about getting my rcovery back. Could you resend that back to me. I keep gettin that stupid ****in' fastboot bluescreene shit again!!
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