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  • Thank you much for this advice on this post. My unused LG Motion (Metro PCS) was using up battery like crazy when I upgraded to a new phone. I still wanted to use it for Wifi, but the battery would die overnight even if fully charged. By putting it in Airplane Mode it fixed it 100% " If you put the phone in airplane mode it will extend your battery life "
    Hey Lord V. I've got a unused and unrooted Galaxy Prevail 2, all stock. I want to create a Stock Recovery ROM for the community but I can't get anyone to help me. Would you help me create a stock recovery rom for the community?
    i really need a copy of FE16 Gingerbread Rooted Image with CWM5 by Koumajutsu. i've googled it no luck, the link in the old thread doesn't work. cheech226@gmail.com
    please? fe19 won't work for me
    Just wanted to drop by, add you & thank you for all the support & for my first "thanks"!
    Catch ya later Lord Awesomeness!!!
    Blessed Be.
    How do I pull the theme from theme chooser to edit it? I have the paid version of root explorer
    I have done your exect instructions for the Odin root with the FE16_root.zip. and I'm gotting a message that "system updates are available". What should.I do and how could I bypass this? ??
    I see you are in GR. Man I miss Michigan... Lived in GR area, Kent City, Manistee, and Houghton. Now I'm stuck in florida with a job and a girl lol. Enjoy the fall colors.
    hey bro.. ive been looking up on this but i have very little luck on it..
    i want to theme the android-logo-mask and android-logo-shine from the framework-res.apk...
    but i cant seem to find info on them.. i was wondering if you had any? i even posted in the theme section of android forums XP but no one replied yet..
    Thanks for all the help. Im gonna be sure to pass it on when needed. Your advice is very credible.
    That makes sense. I had cleared dalvik in cwm... Thank you. I will only use terminal commands or the gui from now on.
    once you move it no dalvik-cache files can be stored on internal. the only thing on internal storage would be the symlink. clear dalvik in cwm may remove the symlink and allow rebuild on internal so use the commands or reset dalvik with the app to be sure the symlink remains.
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