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  • 4K!! :D Nice
    Dang you are going to beat me to 5K :p
    Now spot reading this and get back to your redbread ;)
    Your Inbox is full :] I have a question for you whenever you have a chance. Thanks!
    Hey ive bin looking around and i have noticed that your very help full around here. i need some help removing the root from my phone. well actually just the icon because my it is not have root permissions on my phone. Can you help me? let me know so i can explain better. thanks
    Hi nitsuj17
    I am about to signup with Telus on the samsung fascinate and if possible root it, i have used unbutu for a long time and understand commands,would it be better to use windows or unbutu to root the phone, i understand telus's fascinate is different from it bothers and i will get used to it then read up on how to root it, i will also read as much as i can from here.
    thanks kifaru
    Great thanks, I'll give that one a shot. It's all the same #samsung-fascinate channel no matter how you connect right?
    Total noob and I'm hoping you will help; used some on Adrynalyne's ROMs for my old Omnia so I'm trying to get the same w the SF. Certainly can't contribute anything but I like learning so I'm going to give this a shot.
    So I think the 'IRC' yall keep referring to with all the new ROMS is internet relay chat, yes?
    Seems like I have to be in the #samsung-fascinate channel when others are on to get anything out of it, yes?
    I was on last night through efnet, will this connect to the channel that I need to be on to get some of these goodies?
    Thanks for any help your willing to give.
    well two really. i cant seem to find this on the forums because i suppose it has all been moved to IRC. i just flashed jt's voodoo 12/03 kernel from rom manager and i have no haptic. i thought this was fixed? also, how to i upgrade to Dj05?
    Can you help me locate the DJ05 update or at least send link you have gotten I am a moderator at modadroid and would like a test drive of the ones floating around. ;)
    I keep some strange hours and I've had trouble getting responses in IRC. Would you mind pointing me to the link where you got the DJ05 update?
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