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  • Oh you most definitely did leave an impression. You were a frequent poster and everyone knew who you were! Lol. Oh wow sounds like you had yourself quite a collection since the sidekick lol. How are you liking the sensation? My friend wants that phone really bad. Would you recommend it? Well I myself left the sidekick a little after the power outage and went with the blackberry curve 8900 then after almost a year I went to the mytouch slide which I loved because of the android os. And I just recently got myself the G2x. I've seen a lot of people have trouble with theirs but I guess I got lucky because mine hasn't given me any problems :)
    I had been on the powered by danger forums for YEARS. you used to have a pic before. (i sound like a it's how i recognized you! I'm glad you remember me too so I don't seem like a creep even though i already do lol. How have you been?! What phone did you move on to?
    i'm like.a_phenomenon. i used to post A LOT. never messaged you before though I just always saw you in the forums like me and you looked familiar here lol. I miss it too, its sad you can't get on it anymore.
    hey! you look oddly familiar to me. could you possibly be ImpyChick from back in the poweredbydanger days?
    Also, can u take a look here: Tilde and Grave on the 4G? - T-Mobile Community not sure how to ehlp but would love to know the answer
    Saw your post. I have a vibrant as well. What are the maIn improvements over the my touch? Do you use outlook by any chance. I need a phone that synchs with outlook
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